Weight Lifting

Posted: November 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

The Lord God is a sun and shield, He gives grace and glory;no good thing will He withhold from those who walk uprightly.  -Psalm 84

I always love in scripture when God is compared to the sun.  So big and warm and bright.  I love the sun – it shows up at the end of a long night, spilling pink and orange and yellow all over the sidewalk.  It melts snow and ice on my Central Oregon roads and makes them safe and sturdy for driving.  I love the sun.

And a shield…that’s a great thing.  Protection from things in the dark and in the light.  In times of war or tension or uncertainty, it’s great to have a shield in between myself and my enemy.

He gives grace.  Who can argue with grace?  The Hebrew definition contains this rich treasure:  beauty, strength and favor.  Sign me up for grace – today and every day for the rest of forever…I for sure need grace.

And glory.  Ah, glory.  Glory sounds very cool.  It sounds like fame and grandeur and splendor.  It sounds like “all things are going swell!”  A quick look inside the Hebrew box-o-bounty, however, reveals a different kind of gift:  weight. Glory means “weight, figuratively, but only in the good sense.”  I read this definition on an already weighted-down day while I was walking through the middle of an exceedingly weighted-down year.  I was not ready to sign up for more weight.  “Glory”, I argued, should be more like my second honeymoon in Mexico at an all-inclusive resort.  Food, eat, sleep, sun, repeat.  No kids, no cell phones, no email, no bills.  No weight.  I love that idea of glory.  However, if I were really being honest, I only loved that for about three days.   Around day four, I started to get antsy.  At first I wasn’t sure was I was antsy for, but as I started to review my emotional condition in earnest, I discovered I was longing for my family and my cell phone and my job and for…purpose.  I was missing the weight of my life.  Turns out, weight can be good.  In fact, I suppose a case could be made that weight is essential.

The weight of His glory is when He shares with us – not His fame (that would crush us!) – but His purpose.  He lets us in on His mission and gives us a part to play in the great adventure of  loving what He loves.  In the grand scheme of things, it’s a kind of God gravity that keeps us fastened to a world where we do not ultimately belong.

I’m thankful today for the sun, for safety, for grace and even for some of the heavier weights that give my life substance and my feet direction.  I hope you’re finding yourself well-weighted, but not overloaded…filled with grace and glory.

With joy,


  1. Jamie Schulz says:

    “The weight of His glory is when He shares with us – not His fame (that would crush us!) – but His purpose.” I love this sentence! And I also love the visual of His glory in our lives. Thanks!

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