Regarding Relaxing

Posted: November 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

Yesterday I shared a little word that I think God has been trying to work into my stubborn, spinning self for a good year now.  “Relax and enjoy your life – I’ll take care of whatever is supposed to happen next when it’s time.”

I’m not that good at relaxing.  Sometimes I manage to relax my person, but it’s much tougher to relax my thoughts.  Toward that end, here is my super-duper action list for relaxing.  Heh.

  1. Take a real Sabbath.  Not just a day off of work, but a day off of anxiety, worry, striving, plotting, planning and all such beehive activity.
  2. Learn to push pause and absorb the moments that are important…or funny…or even difficult.  Just absorb.
  3. Slow down in the car. (fast driving makes me tense and I only just realized it)
  4. Love the quirky stuff in people rather than looking for ways to fix them.
  5. Don’t spend any time dreading bad news.  Grace will be there if bad news comes, but there’s no grace to fear what hasn’t come.
  6. Embrace a busy day and be thankful for purpose.

I really want learn to love – and fully experience –  the life I’m in.  I want to be always-thankful that God has chosen me to be His and to live in this moment on His timeline.  Oh, He is so good and so patient with me and I’m more convinced then ever that all His plans are good and all His promises are YES.

Wishing you rest,


  1. Kim McCray says:


    Thanks again for your deeply inspiring words. I especially like the reminder that “there’s no grace to fear what hasn’t come” — but I know that there is grace for the things I need it for. Why do we fear what hasn’t even come upon us? What a waste of energy!

    Resting in Him,


  2. Karen says:

    Is there a way to relax about the undone things? Or relational stuff you can’t “fix”? Arrrrgh. I canceled two non-essentials (one for today and one for tomorrow) in the hopes that I can get enough on the “to-do” list that I can relax. I sure wish I could disconnect my brain sometimes! For now the best I can manage is to keep my mind on letting God GOVERN, trying to stay in His PRESENCE and once in a while stopping my pursuit long enough to let God overtake me. Gee, guess what I’m studying….thanks Bo for good words of wisdom to chew on.

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Thank you, Kim…I’m with you in the need to live in grace.

    Aw, Karen – yep, that’s the hard part and I have to say, my determination to live this list has been fiercely challenged by circumstances recently. But I’m trying to stick solidly underneath His good government and so far it’s working out a lot better than all my good ideas to fix it myself. In other news: I totally thought of you today while I was at Lowes and saw an 8 foot, inflated DANCING Santa! So funny and it took me right back to the very beginning of our friendship. 🙂

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