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Posted: November 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

This weekend I had the great privelige of being with the women from Church on the Hill in Salem.  They were funny and fun and passionate and authentic and it was wonderful.

I also enjoyed the company of my fantastic sisters, Lila and Cheryl, who are some of the coolest women I know.  We ate an obscenely large lunch at Claim Jumpers and then Lila and I went off to conquer IKEA where I spent $22.  Shopping fail.

The theme of this ladies event was finding order and wholeness in the soul.  I had a blast studying for it and discovering God’s plan to deliver us from soul chaos and restore us to peace, grace, health, joy and a million other great things you can’t buy at IKEA.  One thing I talked about was how the gift of a sanctified memory will impact our lives.  As humans made of dust, we have a tendency to remember what we should forget and forget what we should remember.  At the end of the session, we met in small groups to discuss this very issue and here is the question that each of us answered:

If you were to make a memory list of the things that God has done that you never want to forget, what would be your top three?

This question made me cry when I thought about it and also when I heard the answers from the ladies in my group.  It seems that some of the most wonderful things that God has done, are tied to some of the most difficult seasons in our lives.  That’s true of my top three.

  1. One time when our kids were very little, we were out of groceries and out of money.  A missionary from Africa left bags of groceries on our door step.  In one event, we learned both trust and humility.
  2. The moment as I was lying on the pavement, watching my baby be flown to the hospital in Air Life after having been hit head on by a drunk driver.  I never want to forget the moment because I’ve never felt so much peace.
  3. The moment – after nine days of relentless, consuming and unending doubt in the existence of God – His truth broke through.  I can’t explain it but I never want to forget it.

Oh, a sanctified memory is a powerful weapon against doubt, discontent and discouragement.  Maybe today is a good day to make your own list.  If you want to share it, I’d sure love to see it!

Earnestly remembering,


  1. Portland College Daughter says:

    1. Stuffed in the back of a van on a missions trip in Mexico feeling more alone than ever before and possibly ever since; God sang over me. It was my very own Ex. 3:23-25. God saw, and God knew.
    2. The 1 time He saved Tess’s life.
    3. The 2 times He saved Whitney’s.
    4. The 3 times He saved Josiah’s.
    5. The years in which He constantly watched and protected Taylor, even though I didn’t know He needed to.

    My life would be nothing like what it is today if it weren’t for Him keeping these four lives in His really big hands.:)

    Awed College Daughter.

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Wow, Tor. Beautiful comment. Really beautiful.

  3. Aïda says:

    Miss Bo,

    Just a reminder, YOU ARE THE BEST!

    And apparently, you have the best children!

  4. Only three? Oh, Bo- this is a hard one…

    1) His spiritual provision: The day He audibly told me He would never leave me. And He never did. Regardless of what I tried to do to Him.

    2) His physical provision: house, car, gas in the car, food, money in the bank (these things APPEARED with no effort on our part aside from prayer!)

    3) His emotional provision: Complete healing and freedom from debilitating depression. Thank you Jesus!

  5. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh, Other Tor – YOUR comment is beautiful as well! Love that….and trade “debilitating depression” for “debilitating fear” and I could easily adopt your list as my own. Beautiful, beautiful.

    And Aida – SO encouraging as always. Also – how do you get the little dots above your ‘i” in your name? 🙂

  6. I’m not sure I could narrow down to three, but it’s always good to remember as much as we can whenever we can. May our praise be a weapon in His hand to fight darkness.

    1. My parents gave away our family vehicles to charity organizations when we probably should have been clinging to the little we had. I will never forget their example of never fearing for God’s provision. And He has always provided.

    2. Seeing a woman delivered of demons at a conference once made an imprint on me that the supernatural exists and God is still working wonders today.

    3. The time at youth camp when someone prophesied over me that I would sing the song of the Lord. And now, I remember every time I am on a stage leading people in the song of the Lord that it’s the fulfillment of prophecy.

    4. God met me in my college dorm room and brought me to my knees during a time that I was facing whether or not I would run after Him and His will, or pursue my own will. And I will never forget how the moment I turned toward Him, He was right there showing me my next step in life. In a matter of months, my passion for worship and ministry came back alive and I met Jim and our destinies collided. The power of obedience!!

    5. The moment when Kennah was about 9 months old, sitting in a doctor’s office waiting for test results for her heart murmur to find out if was anything, and the doctor declared it was nothing. God’s peace thundered louder that day.

    6. Another moment where the peace of God flooded over me in the midst of fear and tears…I was facing the possibility that there might have been something wrong with Jadyn’s skull growth when she was only 3 months old. I had decided not to tell anyone until I knew more about it. But I was hurting and broken and God used my dad with a patriarchal prayer of peace and protection to make all worry and fear leave. Another lesson learned about the peace of God, the power of prayer, and allowing others to bear my burdens.


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