Posted: November 6, 2009 in Uncategorized

My husband and I – due to overlapping travel schedules – are on our longest stretch ever of not seeing each other.  He is flying home from six days in Orlando today and I am leaving for a conference in Portland.

I’ve learned a couple of things from our apart-ness:

  • When necessary, I can remember what day the garabage guy comes.  This is a revelation to me and information I’m not sure I want my husband to have.
  • I can live without fear in the presence of God…but it’s a decision and I hope it’s becoming a skill.
  • There are few things I love more than having orange roses delivered to me at work.  He’s a good guy, that one I married.
  • We don’t eat that well when Steve is gone.  It’s wierd because I thought I loved cooking for my kids, but this week we’ve mostly had pancakes and Jalapeno poppers.  They’ll be glad he’s back.
  • Did I mention already the power of orange roses?  Tess captured one for me:

orange rose

See?  Empowering!

So, I’m off to Portland and hoping that the tripcheck cameras are lying and there really isn’t a blizzard on Santiam.  I’m excited about this conference with the women from Church on the Hill.   I’ll tell you more about that on Monday and you can’t stop me.

Thankful for marriage,

Bo (ha!  I first signed it “Steve”…I think he might be a little bit on my mind today.)

  1. Portland College Daughter says:

    -You’re the cutest mom ever!
    -“Will buy me not red roses” has once again been solidified on the list of Traits in My Dad that Really Need to be in My Man(that thing just keeps getting longer).;)
    -You should definitely get snowed in and see me! I even have a house you could stay at with me. YAY!
    -All of my friends are amazed at your other daughters pictures –where did she get THAT talent from??

    Praying for Snow,
    Selfish College Daughter

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