Secretly Dreading Christmas?

Posted: November 3, 2009 in Uncategorized

hope-balloon-small-girlSometimes this silly blog gets inside my head in the strangest ways.  Tonight, it happened.  As I was doing completely unrelated and uninspired stuff, I saw my first Christmas commercial of the season and I heard this little whisper:   for those dreading Christmas. Interesting.

I often question my ability to hear clearly the things that are outside the realm of the touchable and seeable, but this was a time that I knew it was real…and right…and good.

So, since the Holiday Season is officially upon us, for those who are dreading Christmas, I want to say:

  • Fear not.  The baby whose birth we celebrate is alive today and He cares about you.  He knows your gift list, your checking account balance and your family.  He knows. And He has the power and love necessary to do the miraculous for you.
  • Love well.  In America, our love is sometimes expressed with a dollar sign in front, but let’s not kid ourselves: that’s the easy kind.  This year, love well.  Love richly.  Love with words and acts of kindness and notes that are brimming to the rim with hope.
  • Hold on.  He is in the storm and the strife and He knows the pain and the doubts that have knocked you over and around this year.  He sees and He knows and He is the best possible defender for your soul.

And maybe once – even just for a minute – give yourself permission to laugh loud and long.  No matter how much you’ve hurt or been hurt.  No matter how little you currently possess.  No matter how many reasons you can list for living in a state of paralyzing grief: you deserve joy.   It was bought for you and belongs to you.  Squint your eyes hard and see if  – just maybe – through the tears, you can see the shimmer of  a light at the end of this long tunnel.

“For unto you a child is born.  Unto you a Son is given…”

Whoever and wherever you are, there is Hope.

Because of Jesus,


  1. Paul Turk says:

    This has to be the Holy Spirit because I have been plagued with the very dread of how to handle Christmas on an extremely limited budget and the societal pressure of not being considered a Scrooge for not caving to that pressure.

    Thanks Bo, you’re a wonderfully gifted servant of the Lord with amazing creativity and insight – it has to be Him!


    Your bro in Him,


  2. Aïda says:

    Ditto with Mr. Turk.

    You’re the BEST!

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Paul – you and your family have been consistently on my heart recently and I’m praying Psalm 143 for you today.

    Aida – if I’m ever discouraged, I’m going to pull up all your comments and it’ll pick me right up outta the dumps! Thanks so much, friend.

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