Inspired Gifts: Back to the Future, Baby!

Posted: October 30, 2009 in Uncategorized

Here’s something that rolls me right back to my childhood: Clue Journal at Etsy

Do you even believe this?  It’s a journal/sketch book made out of a Clue game box top from 1963.  That even pre-dates ME!

Here’s the back which I’m showing you only because I used to love the Clue fingerprint!

clue Journal at Etsy Back

Also?  Look at this guy!

Monopoly journal

The Etsy shop Another Work in Progress features these two journals and many others that will whisk you away to days gone by and give you a place to get a little creative yourself.  Be forewarned:  Josiah just bought a brand new game of Monopoly for $5.  This journal is going for $38, so that’s some significant appreciation – but this box top is from 1935 and Joe’s is from…Walmart.  So if you have someone on your list who loved a good board game back in the day, this gift is a great fit.

Happy Friday,


P.S.  Tori comes home this weekend for the first time since she was 11 (okay…maybe it’s the first time since August) and I am a happy, cooking mom (Apple Galettes?  Yes.  Baked Ziti?  Certainly!)

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