Gifts for the Word Nerd

Posted: October 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have an unnatural love for font.  Type.  Words.  Letters.  Love it.  To that end, let me just holler:  wouldja look at these coasters?!

Etsy font coasters

And I also adore these tea lights (just $4 each!):

Etsy tea lights


You won’t find them at Walmart…you’ll find them at Carolina Cottage.

And please go ahead and get yourself a load of this:

scrabble tile necklace 1

It’s a necklace made out of a Scrabble tile!  Now, I’m not gonna lie, I hate playing Scrabble.  But I think this is the cutest thing ever.  Also, it comes in a glass test tube which adds to the mystery of the whole gift.

scrabble tile 2Here’s the back of the lil piece o’ art.  There are lots of whimsical designs to choose from:

scrabble necklaces - multi

But this one is my favorite:

Scrabble Eifel TowerYou can find The Eiffel Tower at the Etsy shop Little Blue Bird Studios for under $10.  That’s very merry!

Happy Shopping,


  1. Jen Hoffmann says:

    I love who you are for so many reasons. Mutual font obsession may be the best one yet.

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