Inspired Gifts for the Uninspired Shopper

Posted: October 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Do you shop Etsy?  I LOVE Etsy.  Handmade items – MILLIONS of them – by people who possess both creative ideas and the talent to execute them.  Crafty people are an absolute mystery to me.

While I may not be a gifted artisan, but I’m definitely a gifted shopper!  This week I’ll be showing  some of the awesome treasures I’ve found on Etsy:

Scrap Book on Etsy

It’s a scrap book, yes, but not a typical scrap book with pages that turn one after the other after the other (boooooring)…

Scrap Book on Etsy open

Isn’t it cool?  It opens up and has all kinds of places for memories to hide.  The creator calls it “origami with covers”.  So cool!  It’s at a shop called Senzarotture and it’s only $15. If that one doesn’t make your bells jingle, take a look at this orangey beauty:

Scrap Book on Etsy 2

I dare you not to love that beautiful guy!

Okay.  My work here is done.

Tomorrow:  born in the 60’s?  Have I got a deal for you!

Peace though well-priced, handcrafted goods,


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