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finally-my-inspiration-is-revealedSo, I’m sitting here at Barnes and Noble where I’ve run to hide from my laundry and – hopefully – get some writing done.  This is a large and looming hope at this point.   Or maybe it’s a small and elusive hope.  I don’t know, but I know this:  I am short on inspiration.  For the past few weeks, inspiration has been a hiding from me like I hide from dirty clothes.

I have a couple of tricks that sometimes help to fuel the creative process,  but they aren’t working very well right now.   They are:

  1. Movie sound tracks.  Not even kidding.  Swelling music pushes my brain to new levels of creativity.  But the music can’t have words or it distracts me.
  2. Old sermons.  I love to read the sermons from the great  and unsung heroes of the faith.  Even those whose theology parts company with mine usually say something that stirs and challenges my soul to look for more.  More truth, more hope, more….inspiration.
  3. Cooking.  But cooking also uses up inspiration when it’s time to clean the kitchen, so this one is pretty much a wash.
  4. Long drives in my car with no noise.

I guess this post is really more of a question (hence, the punctuation in the title).  What inspires you?  What makes you dream?  What makes your heart leap and gets your pen moving or your mouth singing or your spirit soaring?

Please share.  I need the help!

Lots of  nearly-inspired love,


  1. Tim McCo says:

    Hey Bo, I haven’t talked to you in a long while. I have some strategies that you can try if you want to gain inspiration.

    The things that I do to give me inspiration or motivation or revelation are:

    Going for a walk.
    Going for a walk (for me its to the river) helps me to “slow” down, slow my mind. I have to do this because I am A.D.D. so usually my thoughts are very fast and speedy. When I go to a place that is quite and serene, I find usually nothing, but I gain peace. Peace later helps me to think clearly. Usually when i am walking, I am talking (either to myself, or to God) but really just getting my thoughts out there in the open. That helps me clear my head, and with a clear head, I can focus on whats really on my mind.

    Taking a nice shower.
    Taking a shower always helps me, more so when I have questions that need to be answered. I get in the shower and sit down and just let the water hit me. I close my eyes and just sit. I will ask God a question and simply think about the question and all the answers that I already know about the question. I wait while I am thinking, and usually something new comes to me. When this happens to me, I write about it. From the very first thought to the last. I get all jazzed up and feel like new.

    Taking up a new book.
    You probably already know this one, and you probably do it more then I do, but I’ll say it anyway. reading helps inspire. It gives you a new thought about a thing and helps you reinforce what you already know about a thing.

    I hope this helps, talk to ya later,

  2. Bo,
    I’ll start well…..YOU inspie me! I could stop there but I’ll give you a litte more of my inspiration:
    -Giggling “free to be children” children
    -Waiting in His presence, hence my current adoration for “When the Heart Waits” by Sue Monk Kidd..gotta get a copy for yourself before you leave B&N.
    -The fact that I am actually provided another breath with each heart beat and that I have NO control over that what so ever.
    -The uncomprehensible Love of God for little ‘ol me.
    -“IT”, you know what I mean…I lost “it” and have just recently been offered the grace to find it again…God is so faithful to provide!

    Now that you have me inspired by just asking me what inspires me, I must go find my pen….

    God bless you

  3. Weeell, I think I’m one of all three of you, just in different ways.:)

    1) Music. I LOVE music, and almost every kind–which you already know from my specific love of loud music.:) Music without words gives me atmosphere, tone of voice, and distraction from the very scrambled mind. Words with lyrics give me characters, plots, and sometimes I keep time with my typing which helps again to distract from runaway thoughts.

    2) Walks. For me, good writing requires close attention to detail. When I’m outside, even just on the way to class, I notice everything. Clouds look so much bigger in the city because of the buildings. Leaves are so beautiful. Every tree ever created is magnificent and stands only to praise God. Leaves, trees, and the moon are all good listeners. Squirrels are irrevocably succumb to very stupid behavior.

    3) That book. You know which one. That one that gets you really thinking the way you think. For me it’s “Love Walked In.” Marrissa deLosSantos writes Cornelia Brown in almost only in observation. She’s the kind of author who uses just the right stories and word choice to not only draw you into her story but remind you of your own.

    Those are the things that inspire me.

    Hoping you find inspiration again cause I really like to read it,
    Writey College Daughter

    Post Script: Sometimes being a good writer means you have do forgo the rules and be yourself…like using the word “writey.”

  4. Jen Hoffmann says:

    How’s this for a really strange place to have recently found inspiration. Stephen King.
    Yeah…that one. Stephen King of horror movie fame. No, I’ve never read anything by him…until this weekend. I picked up his book “On Writing” and there is no arguing that he is a good writer (duh…Shawshank Redemption, right?), with lots of really great advice for other writers. He made me feel like I may yet have potential here, and now I can’t wait to close my office door (I’ll have to hang curtains, actually, but won’t that be cute?) and try my hand at some “situation driven” storytelling!

    Another strange one is this:

    I keep it on my desktop and watch it every now and then because I think she’s funny and interesting, and she too inspires me to get back on this writing horse and stop second guessing myself, because as a writer, I am just the tool right? Not the genius, just the one who shows up to take dictation from a Spirit greater and more lovely than me… Ole’! (that will make sense when you watch 🙂 )

    And walking and chatting with you always inspires me…at least I’m sure it will when we finally do. And if there are fluffy mittens and snowflakes involved, all the better, I think. Who isn’t inspired by fluffy mittens?!

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