Bubbling Autumn

Posted: October 20, 2009 in Uncategorized

One Red Leaf

From my journal one year ago today:

Tess and I walked out the door this morning and the beauty of fall just rushed up and hit us right in the face.  It’s just amazing out there.  A riot of red and yellow and orange just beyond our front porch.  Crisp morning air and buttery autumn sunshine making all the colors of the trees blend and blur and dance into one remarkable proclamation – announcing the miraculous changing of seasons.  It’s God’s own painting…captured on the canvas of earth and sky.  So wonderful.  The season is beautiful.  My home is cozy.  My kids are healthy.  I have purpose.  Life is good.

From my journal today:  Ditto.

I don’t know where Autumn 2009 finds you.  Maybe you feel the bubbling joy of change or perhaps your feet are stuck in the sands of uncertainty.  This post last year helped me understand the spinning hearts around me and I go back and read it often.

Today I am praying that the God of safe travel will lead you to the next season with strength, grace, wisdom and love.

Adoring His Ways,



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