Saturday Shopping

Posted: October 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today is the day that I started my Christmas shopping.   I hate to get behind and I love shopping online, so I had a fun day finding treasures and great deals.  Here are some gifts I love, and am therefore buying for people I love:


Oh, Jessie Steele aprons. Sigh.

I love aprons.  I wear them all the time or I ruin my clothes…that’s exactly the kind of cook I am.  And as long as I have to wear an apron, I might as well feel like Lucy Ricardo, yes?  lucy-ethel2Jessie Steele aprons are luscious, vintage creations that beg to be worn while stirring a simmering pot of beef stew or taking warm cookies from the oven.  Here’s another one I can’t stop myself from coveting:GigiRed&CmDmskBIG

These aprons are cute and quite expensive.  Recently, however, I discovered that both Ross and TJ Maxx have some pretty adorable aprons in their kitchen area for just $8.  Add it to a fun set of mixing bowls, a chef’s pan or even just your favorite recipe, and you will be the hero of the gift exchange.

For the young ladies on your list, I love Mark makeup – it’s the hip division of Avon and their stuff is wonderful and   very inexpensive which only adds to the wonder.  I love this compact because it has NINE eyeshadows and it flips to reveal NINE lip glosses…exciting!mark makeup

It’s a steal at $20.   

Another thing I love from Mark is this:mark purse

I really want the burnt orange one…and so I’m not buying it for any of my daughters.  And I’m hoping they read my blog.  Fingers crossed.

Whitney is a Mark representative and she can hook you up with gifts that are very cool, but won’t cost a lot. You can find her at this web site.

So, be honest:  what’s on your wish list this year?

I love pre-decking the halls with you!


P.S.  Next week:  great gifts for the literary set.

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