How Beautiful.

Posted: September 27, 2009 in Uncategorized

Mmm…wonderful things in my life this weekend.  Wanna know what?  Do-ya?  Do-ya?  Huh?  (Now you know how my big sisters felt growing up with the likes of verbal me!)

Here’s the wonderfulness rundown:

  • I had the best possible drive over the Santiam pass this weekend – just gorgeous and overflowing with trees right in the middle of changing their coats for the season and sunshine that’s not quite ready to head south for the winter.  Amazing display of God’s work ethic, I tell you.
  • I spent a night with my mom and dad.  It’s so fun to go home with just me sometimes…no kids, no husband…just me and my parents.  We talked and laughed and laughed and talked.  My daddy got up early on Friday morning to make coffee for me and – guess what – we talked and laughed some more.
  • One wonderful, fun, and way-too-short coffee date with a friend from college.  Thank you, Donna, for sharing your time and your heart with me.  You are a treasure.
  • A very LONG and delightful lunch with both my sisters, my one and only mom and two awesome cousins.  We went to, of all places, a Christmas tree farm where they have a tea house and had a great lunch and more fun than any of us deserve.  So lovely.
  • A great day with over 700 women at  George Fox University woman’s conference, Selah.  Oh, goodness, I’m beyond blessed to have had the chance to speak to these women again this year and I absolutely had the time of my life!  I spoke on how to carry weight and how to help others carry weight and – at the risk of sounding too confident – I think it’s an important message for the season we’re in and I’m excited to share it at our church in a couple of weeks.
  • We launched a baby who has been waiting a YEAR to finally, please, oh please, be born already!  The Joy Project was released at the Selah conference and I was astounded to watch it sell out very quickly (reminding me that we really are pretty hungry for joy right now, aren’t we?)  Mixed emotions about that situation, actually, but all-in-all it was very encouraging.  Now, we’re moving fast to get it produced el rapido (that’s Bo for “speedy quick”) for those who will be launching fall Joy journeys in their Bible studies as soon as they get the books & DVD in their hands.  If you have the spare time and energy, I would sure welcome your prayers for wisdom and peace right about now with this new project.  Thank you.  Gracias.  Amen.
  • I got to spend some quality time sharing a perfectly delicious swiss cheese and mushroom burger with my dear daughter, Tori.  Our 12 hours together looked like: eat, shop, repeat.  Beautiful.
  • One other memory from Selah:  I wanted to give one Joy Project package away and I had decided early on that I wanted to give it to a woman whose husband was deployed.  I anticipated that with so many women there, we would have to choose the fastest or the funniest or have a spelling bee or something.  So imagine my surprise when I asked if there was any woman whose husband was deployed and one woman stood up.  Her name is Debbie and her husband is in Iraq until May.  I am convinced that God wanted to give her some joy and He picked her out way ahead of time.  Instead of praying for me and our new project, would you pray instead for Debbie and her husband?  She’s carrying a heavy load and I’d love to think that we can really help.
  • Another great drive over the mountain, culminating in the best hugs ever:  hugs o’ reunion!  Love it.  Love Jesus.  Love life.  Love you.


  1. Karen says:

    Bo, I was in tears when Debbie stood up as I have a dear little daughter of a friend whose husband’s deployment just got extended from a return of Jan to a return of May. They just had their first baby and this little gal is so lonely without her husband….once you have more copies of Joy I really want to send her one as an encouragement. Thank you for doing that because it reminded all of us that we need to be in prayer for our service families.

    As always you were funny and genuine and spoke so much truth that my ears and brain were on overload!


  2. Annonomous says:

    Thank you for your message on carrying weight–I can relate to your funny stories–and also the seriousness of helping carry others. As a woman who works at a university, this is such a timely message, as school just started and I’ve come across many a student with some deep pains and hurts. I also have many a friend struggling in this economy. Plus my own ups & downs in life.

    I appreciate your ministry as you encouraged me in the journey to continue to do what I do.

  3. Tracy says:

    Praying for Debbie, May the Yolk of Christ Jesus be upon her and the weight lifted. There is such joy and peace in HIS prescence, no such weight when we truly trust, truly seek and truly love! We may not be sure of our circumstances or where were headed or how its all gonna turn out, but Debbie and you and I can be sure that God knows and that’s enough! Joy to you Bo, from me because I got it from you! You are contagious!

  4. Angie says:

    I also attended the Selah conference on Saturday. I have gone to the conference nearly every year since its inception, and it is such a blessing to me. I must also say that you are my favorite speaker – your humor and wit are incredible, as well as your ministry of life and its ‘bumps’. Thank you so much for coming to speak; and I hope you keep coming for more years to come!!

  5. Karen says:

    JOY PROJECT is set to start October 19th! Thank you so much Bo for creating it – I’m so excited to have our ladies prepare for Advent by finding JOY in His word…what better way to get ready for the birth of our savior, not to mention a season which is easily so jammed and crazy that we lose our sense of joy?

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