Would someone please fix this problem?

Posted: September 11, 2009 in Uncategorized

My boy is hygiene-obsessed.  I adore this about him and want to feed the compulsion as much as possible.  To that end, when he asked me to buy him some “cool shower soap like Dad’s” I jumped on the project with a passion fueled by many, many hours spent in gymnasiums filled with pre-teens and the various aromas they bring to the party.

I was excited about my little shopping excursion until I ran into a problem and here it is:  something tells me it’s a bad idea to buy a 9-year old boy a soap – no matter how good it smells – called “Dark Temptation”.    Because I don’t really want him to be darkly tempted or darkly tempting just yet.  However, the other options run along the lines of  “Horton Hears a Whoberry Cherry Bubblegumalicious” and I don’t want to buy that stuff either.  Because it’s gross.

So I ask you:  where is the middle ground between Willy Wonka and lounge singer?   Where is the cool-young-guy smell?  And for that matter, cool-young-guy clothes are pretty hard to find as well. I’ve tried to inspire my son-in-law to get busy and get famous so he can lend his name ,  likeness and excellent fashion sense to a line of tweener products that will solve all my problems.  In the mean time, I’ll settle for the Axe soap in the Horton bottle.

Believing for a whole new level of gender equality,


P.S.  Next week I’m gonna show you my awesome birthday gift which my totally good-smelling husband got for me and is arriving at my door on this very day, year of our Lord 2009 (the gift, not my husband…he’s already here).  Yay, for early birthdays!

  1. Vangi says:

    I haven’t yet run into this parenting complexity on the male front due to the large ratio of female to male adolescents (4:0) in our family. In fact, I didn’t even know about the glory of Axe until visiting my teenage nephew’s home the other day. (Yes, Tayler is a teenager)

    Apparently, Axe is the love-it-hate-it choice, perhaps by default, for cool-guy scents (aforementioned teenage son’s mother hates it, he loves it — well, hate is a strong word — maybe more of a tired dislike) So way to go on your ingenius compromise. And hooray for the boy who is wise WAY beyond his 9 years. Wish I would have had his influence around when my 10 year-old girl was dragging her feet on showering. (She’s since turned 11, and the corner, on that issue — hallelu)

    I have to agree — Dark Temptation belongs in the garbage (unless referring to Twinkies.)

    Love your writing and you!


  2. Tami says:

    Hey Bo…
    I found myself in the same predicament with my boy when he was about 10ish. My solution? Went to the dollar store and bought a squeeze bottle and then emptied the good smelling stuff into that…

    At that age we chose more of an Old Spice type scent (mom’s all time favorite…dorky I know) and he was thrilled ot have “manly” stuff.

    Just a thought 🙂

  3. Proud College Daughter says:

    Wow! Love Josiah.:) And while that is an ingenious idea on your part, I would probably avoid Who-ville all together. This is the boy who would have nothing to do with Tom style shoes EVEN THOUGH we told him Corey wears them, and that was at age 7. I’d go with Tami’s plan, or, due to the economy, just remove the label. No one’s tempted or refusing to use it because it’s for little kids. This is a very complex situation.:)

    Hope Encounter is awesome,
    Still Proud College Daughter

  4. psrobert says:

    It’s hard to go wrong with Dr Bonner’s Pure Castile liquid soap. It comes in a number of varieties. Peppermint, Eucalyptus, and Lavender are some good ones.

    Best Wishes

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