Less is More

Posted: June 18, 2009 in Uncategorized

In John 3, John the Baptist says to his disciples: He must increase and I must decrease. Such a brave and beautiful thing to say. In reality, it’s always been a verse that I have prayed with my mouth but feared in my heart. What does it mean to be decreased? How does it really feel? I’ve connected it to all the times in my life when I’ve laid down what I wanted for what I needed. Or the times when I’ve died to my agenda or my personality so others could be first instead. Truth be told, the “I must decrease” prayer has always seemed like one of the most mature-but-painful concepts in the Word of God.

Today, however, some kind of big happy switch turned on and this principle was just flooded with supernatural light. It was like the clouds parted and truth danced in. This prayer -“You must increase and I must decrease” – is entirely a prayer of multiplication. The increase of His life in my life will always, always add in the ways that it subtracts. Weird sentence, I know, but I still think it’s true: the things that decrease in my life are things that are stealing from my life. The things He takes from me only serve to free up room for His character and truth and hope to come ALIVE in me. I’m sure you’ve seen this and are already rocking it, but it was such big revelation for me today. Here is my new and fervent prayer:

In our health, increase.

In our unity, increase.

In our home, increase.

In our vision, increase.

In our work, increase.

In our wisdom, increase.

In our joy, increase.

In our decisions, increase.

In our faith, increase. (more and more!)

In our thinking, increase.

In our church, increase.

In our love, increase.

In our peace, increase.

In our children, increase.

I must decrease. He must increase. And that – I’m pretty sure – is a prayer He will always say YES to.

Downsizing and Upgrading,


  1. ci says:

    oh yeah, that’s a good revelation! I say ‘yes and amen to it!”

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