Stuff I Love for Summer: Goal Charts for Kids

Posted: June 16, 2009 in Uncategorized

I have struggled every summer to figure out how to create a well-balanced life for my kids. I want them to enjoy   summer and love the free days but also not become one with the couch cushions. As most moms know, this is sometimes a narrow note to strike (I’ve known parents who can do it with their eyes closed, though, so not everyone will need what I’m about to suggest.)

What I’ve found that works for us is an online goal chart from a company cleverly named Goal For It and they have a very helpful demo video on this page which will explain it better than I could.

The best part of this whole deal is that my kids love it. Even my almost-high-schooler (heaven, help me!) really enjoys this system and once it’s created, there is very little management involved. So, if you want to create fun and interactive summer goals for your kids, go to and get started today. The program is totally free and that’s definitely something to love!

Loving summer,


  1. Karen says:

    This is great Bo! I may make a chart for myself! I looked at the other tab – which helps you set and achieve goals, has a place to journal, etc. and it’s pretty cool too!

  2. Hey Bo! These charts are working out great for my kids. 2 1/2 days down and Kennah has already earned 23 dollars (they are all each 1 point except for whining which is 2…I really am tired of that one.).

    Thanks again for the referral!

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh Jess, I’m so glad! It’s working great for us, too…I love how it emails me when my kids turn their points in…it just takes all the guess work out and my house has been clean all week! Yay! 🙂 Also, I know this is controversial, but I put “do devotions” as one of my kids’ goals each day and it’s worth quite a bit and I’ve been loving seeing Bibles and journals come out automatically every morning on summer break. It does my little mom heart good!

    Karen – I keep meaning to look at the grownup goal stuff but I haven’t yet…let me know if you do it and like it.

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