Posted: June 15, 2009 in Uncategorized

ipod_shuffleRecently I discovered an artifact of sorts: Tess’ old IPOD shuffle which was originally Tori’s IPOD shuffle. Both of them moved on to bigger and better devices and guess who inherited the old guy? ME! And I promptly lost it because I am a woman who rarely listens to music anywhere or anytime. I know this is appalling to many people, but I just don’t like to squander silence when I get a clear shot at it.

Anyway, in order to motivate a more intimate relationship with my treadmill, I decided to plug that baby in and see if it was the missing link between me and a consistent exercise regimen. What I found was my wonderful Tess’ playlist from sixth grade (yep, that’s how long it’s been since I’ve seen the IPOD – she’s now going into high school). I pushed play and listened and walked and every single song just took me back to a time – and a girl – who has always been in love with music and Jesus and life. This was my musical journey:

  • Take it All – Hillsong United
  • Surfin’ USA – The Beach Boys
  • Sift – Go For Broke (Whatever happened to those guys?)
  • Wipeout – Seriously, who ever knows who sang that song?
  • In Christ Alone – Newsboys
  • Stand Up – Veggie Tales
  • Suds in the Bucket – Sarah Evans
  • Nuthin’ Under the Hood – Corey Parnell (if you haven’t heard it, I can’t possibly explain it)
  • Cocomo – The Beach Boys
  • Jesus’ Blood Never Fails Me – Delirious

And that’s pretty much a picture of Tess’ 6th grade year. And her heart. One thing I know: I’ll probably never change that playlist.

Don’t you think someone’s playlist tells you a lot about them? I do. So here’s the question: what’s on yours?

Wishing someone’s freshman year would hold off a little longer,


  1. Aïda says:

    Wipeout – The Safaris – 1962! 🙂

  2. Aïda says:

    Does that merit another “mini”? :):)

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Aida, you are stockpiling those mini’s, I tell you! Nicely done…oh, 1962…finally something that was born before I was. 🙂

  4. But she’s playing volleyball so that means she gets to see me… What a lucky girl!

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