Kevin’s New Home

Posted: June 13, 2009 in Uncategorized

A few years ago, we welcomed a wonderful young man into our internship. His name was Kevin and he was a passionate, purpose-driven worship leader. Kevin represents the best and the brightest of his generation.

Right before Easter of Kevin’s first year in CLC, he started experiencing numbness in his arm and hand. He went to the doctor and within hours we found out that Kevin had an inoperable brain tumor. He was given a very bleak prognosis – “months and not years” to live.

Three years later, Jesus proved the doctors wrong. He got tons of prayer and multiple treatments that did a lot of damage on that stupid tumor an enabled him to return to a semi-normal life.

Long story short: today, Kevin went home to be with Jesus. He is home and we are here and there is undoubtedly a good deal of pain in the distance. There are questions and confusion and wishing and more than a bit of “surrealness” in it all. I’ll be honest: I’d love to go back three years and skip the day where his arm went numb. I’d love to be able to talk about a day when the tumor miraculously disappeared and Kevin could laugh and sing and lead worship again. That would be my first choice. But it wasn’t God’s choice and tonight, I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t be Kevin’s. I think that the view from where he worships right now is so full and overwhelming and his body is so free and strong and his Jesus is so close and dear…and every tear has been wiped away by the hand of the One who died to set him free. Oh, how beautiful his new, real life is now.Kevin Osterloh

I wanted it to go another way. But I will rejoice that Kevin is healed and home. I will rejoice that Jesus has him close.

O Grave, where is your victory? Death, where is your sting? Congratulations, Kev! We’ll see you soon.


  1. Amanda Miller says:

    I haven’t prayed for Kevin in a while. But God laid him on my heart Thursday night, and I contended for him in prayer. And then the next morning came the news.

    I talked to him just a few months ago. I needed to interview someone with a sickness for a college assignment. He still had joy and hope, and believed he was going to be healed. Yesterday he received the ultimate healing… Going home to be with Jesus.

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