Oh, vacation – how I love Thee

Posted: June 4, 2009 in Uncategorized

Things I learned on my summer vacation, by Bonita Stern.Steve and Bo on vacation

  1. June at the Oregon coast is not necessarily classified as summer. It’s really more of a post-spring sort of season.
  2. Watch out for sneaker waves – they look friendly, but then they sneak up and pull you in the surf.picture 4 #2
  3. Also, watch out for sneaker sun – it looks like it’s hiding behind a thick blanket of gray gloom, but then it sneaks up and burns you to a crisp in spite of the fact that it was almost too cold to go without a jacket. We are lovingly referring to this as “fogburn”.picture 8
  4. Do not watch Marley and Me while missing your dog. Your children will have to comfort you and that is not as it should be.
  5. Do watch Up. Do, do, do! I’m going to write a post on this next week.
  6. In case of #5, please be prepared for sticker shock. 5 tickets to watch a movie in 3D at IMAX = roughly the cost of entrance to Disneyworld which equals approximately one-third the amount of the AIG bailout.Girls at UP
  7. Absorb every single minute because time goes by like sand through fingers. Trust me. Steve and kids on vacation

Glad to be home. Sad to be home.

Here comes summer,


  1. Love the pic of you & Steve! You guys are so young and cute! And your family is so beautiful, looks like you had a wonderful time together. awwwww…..

  2. Katie says:

    Yay for pictures! And really hot bangs! 🙂

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