Finding God in the Dips and the Ditch

Posted: May 25, 2009 in Uncategorized

Dip = a bad moment, event or occurrence in the course of a day.

Ditch = a series of bad moments, events or occurrences that create an environment or a even a whole season of discouragement.

Recently, I’ve been finding that every single 7-day week – even the best week EVER – contains a certain number of dips. The car won’t start, the plumbing breaks, people do dumb things that hurt my feelings, Starbucks gets my order wrong – seriously, just about anything can be a dip. Dips aren’t at all rare and they’re not necessarily a big problem emotionally except when they all pile up on top of each other and create a legitimate ditch. Man, I hate ditches. They’re mean. And ugly.

How many dips does it take to make a ditch? In my experience, that answer is entirely up to me. The older I get, the more aggressive I am in my attempts to move through dips because I’ve discovered that escaping a ditch is stinkin’ hard work. That’s the place where wheels tend to spin and ruts get large and the view from a ditch is almost exclusively of the…ditch (and the only person stuck in the rut with me is me and that’s never good). Often times, the main road is not that far away, but it’s enough out of sight that all hope is lost for every traveling fast and free again.

The past two weeks have been filled with all kinds of dips and I’ve been trying extra hard to learn to move quickly out of them. On Saturdays (the day I set aside time for self-evaluation), I almost always discover that the net result of the week was pretty great. When I’m able to look at the whole picture, I see that God is still good and He was with me through the hard stuff and in fact, usually has turned it into something good. It’s hindsight that enables me to see His hand working behind the scenes, through the highs and lows. So, I’ve been asking Him to help me have hindsight ahead of time (heh). I want to maintain His perspective in and on the dips of life so they don’t turn into ditches. Amazingly enough, it’s working! And as I’ve begun to build this particular muscle in my mindset, I’m making a few discoveries about the things that get me emotionally sidelined. Later this week, I’m going to honestly share a few of them with you because they may help you see what trips you up as well.

But for today, my girl is still home, the sun is still warm, the ribs are cooking and I’m driving my life with the windows rolled down!

Happy Memorial Day,


  1. Karen says:

    I’ve been thinking about this all day – I checked in about 3 AM because I needed a shot of “Bo”. I think my weeks are filled with potholes, not dips. Dips are kinda fun and you say “Wheee” as you go over the big ones cuz your tummy drops. Potholes jut and jar and jiggle and are hard to avoid at high speeds. Ditches are the worst, for sure. Kind of in one right now.

    Thanks for sharing Bo! I hope tomorrow only brings dips.

  2. Holly says:

    It’s unfortunate when someone elses ditch runs so close to me that I must be diligent and aware so as not to fall into it. Today I was pushed into a coworker’s ditch quite unexpectedly. I found myself with a choice to stay there, after all my emotions gave me a sense of entitlement, or rise above the circumstances and choose not to dwell there… I climbed out, brushed myself off and asked the God of wisdom for just that- wisdom to react differently tomorrow, for tomorrow is indeed coming. There can be something comfortable about staying in a ditch, but I want the right way – not the easy way. To hold onto God’s perspective…

    Thanks for prompting my thoughts even though I may be interpreting ditch a bit different than you intended.

    I pray that the terrain of your life smooths out considerably and soon!
    I do know a man who makes smooth slabs of concrete if that would help 🙂

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh, Karen – the dreaded pothole…ew. Been there.

    Holly – I was just thinking along those lines too, how if I’m not careful, other people can pull me right off the main road. Isn’t that an interesting phenomenon? Way to get right out of that ditch, my friend!

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