Posted: May 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

Spring Tree

So, this is currently the condition of the tree that lives right outside my office/prayer room/mail storage room.  Right outside – flaunting its beauty first thing every morning as the sun rolls in and distracting me from my well-planned agenda (heh.)  The only problem with this tree – and it’s a minor thing, really – is that it only looks like this for about a week or so and then it goes back to regular treehood and stays that way until November, at which point I get sad as I watch the leaves fall and write things like this.

I’ve traveled quite a bit this spring and been to a lot of churches and conferences.  The question everyone is trying to answer is:  how do we survive seasons like the one that we’re in right now?  I’ve heard awesome ideas and great preaching on that subject and I’m glad the church is addressing it.  But having listened and read and prayed, my own personal final answer to How Do We Survive Dry Seasons is: the same way we survive abundant seasons.  We stay faithful.  We love Him.   We dig deep roots by sweet water.

And then, we wait.

While the blossoms are beautiful,

And as they start to fade.

When they fall to the ground

And the sun is hot

And the days are long

When the storm rolls in

When the branches sway,

and bend,

and sometimes even break.

We will not be moved.

Not by storms or success or famine or peril or sword or triumph or beauty or pain.  His love remains steady and unyielding and so will trees, planted in the river of His presence.  And Psalm 1:3 says something that I have decided to believe with an audacious sort of faith:  “Everything he does shall prosper.”    As sure as God is God, spring will come.

Oh, I just love spring!


P.S.  Thanks for the picture, Tess.  I love you at least as much as you love your new camera!

  1. ci says:

    Amen, sweet sisto!

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