Words and How they (don’t) Roll

Posted: April 19, 2009 in Uncategorized

For as long as I can remember, I have maintained a passionate and tumultuous relationship with words.  The idea of wrangling them like cattle into a sentence and lining them up so that they say exactly what needs to be said in a way that makes people laugh or cry or change…it’s just about the best thing ever.  The flip side, though, is when the words wrangle me and escape their boundaries and trample all over everything and everyone in the vicinity.  That’s about the worst thing ever and I have plenty experience cleaning up the aftermath of words gone wild.

Recently, however, I’ve experienced a new frustration and it’s this:  where are all those blasted cows?  What were their names again?  How can I cleverly corral them when I can even find them?  I know I had some thoughts one time about what to say and how to say it, but they seem to have escaped me and this little barnyard of a blog.

I think this is the result of having a veritable mountain of official and unwieldy writing and speaking projects on my plate (um…see?  “mountain” and “plate”…those don’t work together and yet I am lacking the mental stamina to go back and think of an unmixed metaphor.)  I just don’t have many good ideas right now and all my extra time and energy is going into exciting extracurricular activities like laundry and multiplication tables with the 9-year-old.  One thing of which I am convinced:  words are too powerful to waste.  They are a rare and wonderful commodity and I don’t want to misspend them in an effort to maintain business as usual.

So, my plan this week is to focus on the stuff that’s in front of me to do, and hope the cows eventually come home.  Until then? Please pray for my friends, the Andersons, as Steve recovers from an aneurysm that nearly took his life.  Please especially cover his wife and kids as they have spent many, many hours with him in the valley of the shadow of death and are feeling the weariness set in.  I’m so glad that the same God that raised Jesus from the dead dwells in Steve.  So glad.

Thankful for the One True Word,


P.S.  Does anyone besides me find it ironic that I just spend 375 words saying that I have nothing to say?  You’re good people to keep coming back here, I tell you.

  1. Ann Dunagan says:

    Sweet Bo,

    Be assured and at ease. You’ve got great a wellspring of encouragement and inspiration to impart, even when you say that you have nothing to say.

    Blessings on you and all that laundry and all those multiplication tables (AWESOME REPORT!!!).

    May you soon be flowing in a land of cows and bumblebees . . . with milk and honey galore.

    Love you!

    P.S. Good things have been happening this week in Uganda. And be glad that you didn’t have to eat fried goat guts with a paste of sesame seeds and squashed ants!!! Jon response was, ” . . . nice!!!” (And I ‘bet you never heard of any recipe combo like that on your cooking website . . . quite amazing, isn’t it, how “original” this world’s people can be, eh???)

    Sometimes we gotta watch out for that extra creativity. But don’t worry. In my estimation, your cow-combo recipes are always deliciously satisfying and meaty . . . with just the right amount of sugar . . . and spice.

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Wow, Ann…I’m having a fun moment at my computer this morning as I envision the lady who tasted the fried goat guts and said, “Hmm…it’s good, but I think it’s missing something. Where’d I put those ants?” So funny. I’ve been praying for him and watching your updates. Thanks for the encouragement – I’ll be glad to be through May. 🙂

  3. Karen says:

    I came to the blog to copy the URL and send it to a couple of friends whom I thought might enjoy it….and I find another great example of Bo’s sweet transparency and humor and a nauseauting dish description….hmmm.

    Blessings on your week!

  4. Holly says:

    O God, please don’t send me to Africa! Or at least don’t send a creative cook and prompt me to fast 🙂

    FYI- at my work a COW is Computer on Wheels which are prone to freezing and crashing… leading to the desire for cow tipping… Not good when you are a cow. Lots of looks, lots!
    And WORDS!

    Get lots of vitamin D this week- minus the burn. I love reading your words.

  5. helenw13 says:

    Love…Peace…Joy…Prayers…to you dear Bo.

    I am always reminded of Elisabeth Eliot and how she always says…just do the next thing…it is a great motto…so you dear one…do the next thing which sounds like it is what is crowding around you right now.

    I have been deeply impacted the last few months by the weight of words…in part that hastened my blog hiatus…and when I do return I am sure it will continue to resonate with me…one aspect is that in blogging it is easy to show (write about) the glowing things of our lives and depict this perfect picture…thanks for being real Bo…(not that there isn’t lots of glowing things in your life…)

    I was at Beth Moore this weekend and the largest contingency (hey pretty big word for Monday morning and only one cup of coffe consumed) was from Westside…I am sure they enjoyed it quite a lot.

    Do you remember the six word memoir memes that were making the rounds last year…well, that comprised the weekend…lots of six word statements…very cool…the theme verse was Gal. 2:20…and the six words…Ego crucified. Christ formed in me.

    So I pray that the words that you do have to write and the words that you do have to express will flow in the abundance that is needed or sparseness when it is warranted.

    Much love,


  6. Ann Dunagan says:

    Holly, both Bo and I know that it’s dangerous to pray, “Please don’t ever send me . . . ” to anything.

    And just to let you all know, there are actually many absolutely scrumptious foods in Africa. Bussi Island, Uganda in Lake Victoria has THE most delicious pineapple, unlike anything you can get here in the U.S. And then the avocados, oh my, they are SO good and tasty, nothing like the bland ones here. But you know, even in those challenging moments, I love Jesus more than food. And there are SOOO many hurting little ones and lots of lost people in that restaurant-lacking territory.

    God, I’m here. Please send me.

  7. Holly says:

    Ann… Okay, I stand corrected. Yep, I’ve still got some growing room 🙂
    Jesus with skin on is certainly more important than an unusual meal. I love that you are boldly and lovingly living in the midst of the hurting and lost to give them a reason and direction for hope. Thank you for following God’s calling in your life.

    I am willing to make a difference- to impact His Kingdom and I trust that God will use me whether or not I feel ready. Blessings to you (and Bo), and the lives that you touch.

  8. bolovesjoe says:

    Thanks, ladies for the encouragement.

    Holly – I am certain that Ann will next be telling you to “get your passport…just in case.” 🙂 That woman will rope you into a life of adventure before you can say “crushed ant paste”!

    Love you all!

  9. Ann Dunagan says:

    I love that 🙂 – And “before you can say “crushed ant paste” . . . here’s the link – GO for God.

    As for me, God’s working on me on developing some real (and I’m talking about yummy and diligent) cooking and culinary skills here at home.

  10. Tracy says:

    LOL…..Just had coffee with our Holly today and told her the same thing…something brewing my friend, somethings brewing!

  11. Elisa says:

    BO!!! I love the mixed metaphor of a mountain and a plate. It describes perfectly the quandry you were/are in and is a great picture for anyone who has experienced the dilemma of having their “eyes bigger than their stomach” when they pulled up to the table.

    God has given you gorgeous eyes, babe. And He has also given you a ravenous appetite for the Word, loving Him and helping others to love Him better. I LOVE Him for having done that to you!

    Eat that mountain as one would eat the proverbial elephant: One bite at a time. Do the next thing (love that). Take care of your needlies @ home (and your sweet Joe) and then, when the words come back home w/ the cows, get your fingers back to the keyboard & “Head ’em up & moooove ’em out!” our direction!

    more hugs…~e

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