Easter Countdown: 2

Posted: April 10, 2009 in Uncategorized

I woke up this morning thinking about Simon of Cyrene…you know, the guy who was forced to help Jesus carry His cross? Historians, scholars and storytellers of all stripes have done a lot of speculating about who this man was and what happened to him after his life intersected with the death of Jesus.  Now, since there is no actual evidence to build on, all this conjecture is useless. I believe that God is as intentional with what He leaves out of the story as He is with what He puts in. However, there is enough information included in this one for us to gather some pretty wonderful treasure for our Easter baskets:

  1. Crosses are heavy and hills are steep.
  2. If I stand close to Jesus, I may get caught in the pages of His story.
  3. My whole life may just boil down to two sentences: where I was from and who I helped when they needed it the most.
  4. If the Lord of Glory accepted assistance so that He could achieve His purpose, maybe I shouldn’t resist when I need a little help myself.

Ah, Good Friday.  Beautiful, sad, wonderful, treacherous day.



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