Easter Countdown: 3

Posted: April 9, 2009 in Uncategorized

Three days
Three denials
Three crosses
Three nails
Three hours of darkness
Three words: Father, forgive them
Three words: It is finished.

Life, life, life.

Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost,


  1. Ann Dunagan says:

    This is outstanding, Bo. It needs to be published.

    But even more, we need to publish (share, proclaim, announce, speak, tell others) this news to others.

    Love you!

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh dear Ann – thank you for all YOU do to publish the good news! I see your book moving up the Amazon charts…woo-hoo…go, go little mission minded book! 🙂

    I love you too!


  3. Jamie Schulz says:

    David (now 3) came to me the other day and said, “Mommy, Jesus died on a cross to save me.” I, of course, was amazed that he could articulate this (probably shouldn’t have been) and responded with, “Really?” He nodded his little head and said, “Yep, 3 of them!”
    Just had to share that because your post reminded me of it. =)

  4. ci says:

    So powerful and awesome. So much said in so few words…

  5. You are so my mother(also, I know this is a really serious post but have to tell you that my thinking you are so my mother lead to me remembering, “You. Are. My biggest fan.” and I HAD to tell you).

    A happy day filled with sorrow.
    Still both to come in the ‘morrow.
    A pouring out. Air sucking in.
    A grin spreads wide the face of sin.
    An order stern. A head is turned.
    Wine as sour as mourners mire.
    Disciples gone. Marys weep.
    Joseph de-nails holy feet.
    Spices mingle through the air.
    Swollen body bound with care.
    Impatient Romans seal a cave.
    Trapping in it hope and faith.
    He woke to laughing and looked around.
    Little Things had chained Him down.
    “Take them off.” He said to one.
    “You hear that boys? He thinks He’s God.
    You’re nothing now, Little Jesus, Little Savior.
    Taken out by our fearless leader.”
    What came next they did not expect.
    Laughter burst from His thrown back head.
    He laughed so hard that He doubled over,
    Ripping His chains from stone and mortar.
    Fear clenched the gut of the little minions.
    “Now,” He asked, “Which room’s he in?”
    The once ‘fearless’ Satan squealed at the sight
    Of a beaten man in tri-une might.
    “I beat you down.” He backed away.
    “We love them more.” Christ held his gaze.
    “I paraded you around.”
    “We love them more.”
    “I lashed you.”
    “We love them.”
    “I slapped you.”
    “We love them.”
    “I nailed you.”
    “We love them.”
    “I kicked you.”
    “We love them.”
    “They gave the cry, crucify! Give Him death!”
    “Oh, we love them so much more than that.”
    “You can’t judge me now, it’s not in the Book!”
    “I’m aware,” said the King, “but you’re not off the hook.
    “Our people will be as victorious as we,
    “A thorn in your side, the pride of our life.
    “I must now take my leave,
    “For at the tomb I can see
    “A tear stained face
    “Needs a special embrace.
    “But before I go,
    “Give me those keys.”

  6. bolovesjoe says:

    Beautiful, Tori. I love it.

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