Easter Countdown: 4

Posted: April 8, 2009 in Uncategorized

Today I was looking for a poem about the cross.  I wanted to find something beautiful that would inspire those resurrection-Sunday feelings in my heart.   What I found was a piece entitled:  A’obbad al-Maseeh Fi Naqd al-Nasraniyyah (O Christ-Worshippers! In Answering Christianity), a poem written about Christ and His cross by a prominent Muslim during the Golden Age.  While this wasn’t what I was looking for at all, it did stir up exactly the feelings I was looking for.  Here’s a small part of the poem:

“O Cross-worshippers! For what reason is this exalted and blame [is cast upon those] who reject it? Is it not logical to break and burn it, along with the one who innovated it? Since the Lord was crucified on it, and his hands were fastened to it? That is really a cursed cross to carry, So discard it, do not kiss it! The Lord was abused on it, and you adore it? So [it is clear that] you are one of His enemies! If you extol it because it carried the Lord of the Worlds, Why don’t you prostrate yourself and worship graves, Since the grave contained your god in it? So Christ-worshipper, open your eyes, This is what the matter is all about. “

The brutal and beautiful cross really is a symbol of dueling emotions. It would be a twisted affection, indeed, that would propose to worship an instrument of torture for its ability to break our beloved. Christians, however, do not worship the cross for its power over Jesus. They worship Jesus for His power over the grave…over our grave. Was there ever a more unevenly matched set of contestants than the Lord of the universe and two planks of wood? The cross was a tool in His hand, the ace up His sleeve, His desired purpose and truest mission. While He could have escaped it with one whisper to His Father, He endured it for me. And His love didn’t end with the grave, but extended to the depths of hell and death and emerged undefeated and undeterred. He was – from the beginning – set on setting me free.   

We don’t worship the object that caused death. We worship the One who brought life.

This is what the matter is all about.

Sunday’s comin’,


  1. Annie K says:

    Ok, first of all, this was awesome. You just say really cool stuff and I like it. And it really makes me think.

    Second, I know we were going to get together right. after. Christmas. It’s April. Dang. I’ll un-busy myself and be in touch.

  2. Jen Hoffmann says:

    Beautifully put!

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