My Dad, Stan.

Posted: March 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
  1. familyMy dad is funny.  He’s funny in the kind of way that made all my cousins happy to see him at family reunions.  And when your cousins think your dad is funny, it makes you feel pretty good about your own self.  It’s something how that works, huh?
  2. My dad lived his life with four women and lived to tell the tale.  He taught me and my sisters to throw like a guy and to appreciate sports…but he also taught us to have respect for ourselves and for who God created us to be.
  3. My dad showed me what marriage ought to look like.  Not because he and my mom never had fights or issues – but because his love for her was just really obvious.  From the nicknames he called her, to the way he vacuumed the house after our big Christmas shindig to the flowers he bought her on Easter and their anniversary and just for no reason…it was just so clear that he always felt like he had won something grand when he married her.
  4. My dad likes his car and shoes really shiny.  I have trouble figuring out all the reasons this matters to me…but it matters.
  5. My dad gives most people nicknames and who doesn’t love that?
  6. My dad has spent most of his adult life helping people – many, many people – get out of spiritual and emotional prison.  If you’re locked up by the past, my dad is the one you want to visit you in jail because he will bring a cake with a file in it.  Or he’ll just bring the keys.  Or he’ll tell you, “hey, did you realize that this door isn’t even locked and you could just, you know, walk out of there if you wanted to?”
  7. Here’s something from my journal on March 24, after I read Luke 12:  “What an amazing sermon You preached that day, Jesus.  I wish I could have been there to hear it.  I hope I would have taken notes.  I hope I would have been enrapt and in love.  I hope I would have “gotten it”.  One thing I know:  if I had lived when You were here, my dad would have taken me to see You.  He has always been seeking for more and more of You are and I don’t think it would have mattered a bit that we weren’t Jewish…he would have found a way to find You.  My mom too.  Wow, what a gift I’ve been given.  What a huge head start You put in my life when You gave me to Stan and Ellen.  Thank You.  Again.”

And those are the reasons – combined with a gabillion more – that I want to take this moment to say:

Happy Birthday to the Best Dad in the History of Dads!

I’m convinced that my life is an act of plagiarism on a grand scale as I steal most of it from what I’ve learned and see in you and that wonderful gal you married way back when. Thanks for loving me the way all daughters should be loved by their dads and for showing me a life spent in awe of the God who truly sets us free.

So much love,


  1. katie a says:

    Oh my gosh I totally love Stan now too!

  2. ci says:

    I am a witness…everything written here is true. We are the most blessed daughters in the world! Thank you, Bo, for speaking for the other sisters who are not as gifted in the skill of writing. What a privilege to watch so closely a life well lived and to be the receipient of so much love!

  3. Annie K says:

    I heart Stan!

  4. Ann Dunagan says:

    This is such an awesome post. Yes, Bo. You do have amazing parents, and that heritage is one of the reasons why you are the way you are. I especially appreciated your details about your dad, from the shiny shoes to the fact that he vacuumed after a party. There’s so many facets that go into simply living for Jesus, and loving Him and others.


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