Free Stuff for Fun Living

Posted: February 28, 2009 in Uncategorized

Free Food:

Smitten Kitchen and Epicurious are my very favorites and the most aggressive distraction of my day.  Please note, Epicurious has a new menu and shopping list every week so that’s like free time as well!  Remember way back in the day when we had to buy cookbooks?

Kashi is offering a new frozen entre for the great price of FREE.  Sign up here and you’ll get a coupon for one by good old fashioned US Mail which means we’re keeping those guys in business as well.

Free Faith:

I love Timothy Keller’s book, The Reason for God, and feel it’s one of the great apologetics resources out there.  If, however, you don’t want to spend $25 and don’t have time to read a big and intellectually weighty tome, you can listen to a couple of his messages on his web site. My favorite is called Exlusivity.  Seriously, if you or someone you know has doubts about faith in Jesus, this is a fantastic – and free – resource.

Also, I’m a little late to the Beth Moore fan club, but I have definitely arrived.  And I especially love that her web site has a quick 2-minute teaching every day.  It’s a good way to start the morning.

Actual free stuff:

Freecycle is a nonprofit organization that enables communities to set up networks where they can give and get good stuff that people are no longer using.  Navigating the site is tricky business, but I’ve heard good things about the results.

Free Music:

I’m really enjoying Deezer. It’s a lot like Pandora, but it lets you pick your whole playlist instead of just making a radio station.  For some, that takes the mystery out of the whole game, for me it’s a lot less annoying.

Oh, goodness…this song and this little video makes me super happy. A) Love Brandi Carlile’s voice because can you say passion? B) Are those guys twins? C) Gotta love a happy audience. D) “Because even when I was flat broke, you made me feel like a million bucks”…nice.

Okay, Tori’s home for the weekend and I’m taking all my daughters to a not-very-free (but priceless!) breakfast in Sunriver.  Except for Tess because she has a volleyball tournament and pretty much ruined the “all the daughters” concept, but that’s a story for another day.

Happy Saturday,


  1. Karen says:

    OK this is off-topic unless it counts because it’s a link.

    I am so impressed by this…just had to share it:

    Danny Golkey is in the top 12 of American Idol. He’s a worship leader (Go God!). The website linked above is a non-profit in honor of his late wife. What impressed me is the part called “Danny’s voice” where he writes about brokenness.

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Karen, I’m amazed that you would think “off-topic” would even be in my vocabulary! I live most of my life off-topic! I read that – very cool. I don’t actually get Fox, so I can’t watch Idol and this is sad to me. I get about 197 shopping channels, but not Fox or NBC. Sigh. Great American Tragedy is what that is.

    Have fun in Hawaii!

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