Posted: February 24, 2009 in Uncategorized

Late and unedited,  but in honor of Valentine’s Day and my one and only true love:

Why I love Steve.

  1. He would give me the very last of anything he had…even if he really wanted it.  Even if he had worked and saved and hoped and dreamed for it, he would give it to me if I asked.  I know this about him, and try not to take advantage of it.
  2. His name.  Two St’s at the beginning…very cool.  Two one-syllable names, also cool.   A last name that’s a real word that means something kind of tough…totally LOVE it.   And loving his name makes me love my name too.
  3. He is good at lots of sports and card games and these things are a marvel to me.  I am good at neither.
  4. When I’m sick he will go to the store at any time for anything.
  5. He has seen the worst of me and never once – not even for the smallest moment – disappeared.  Of all the things I can say about Steve Stern, one of the biggest is this:  he stays.
  6. He can’t cook a thing.  This gives me lots of chances to be a hero.
  7. People at church sometimes call him Bo, and he doesn’t get mad at them or me.  I don’t know that many husbands who wouldn’t harbor a little ill will over that situation but Steve is way more man than that.
  8. He is one of the most loyal friends anyone could ever know.
  9. When our first baby was born, he stayed up nearly all night holding her so she wouldn’t be alone.
  10. When our second baby was born, she stopped breathing and they had to keep her in the NICU.  He went back and forth between her side and mine…speaking softly to her, singing softly to me, so that neither of us would be afraid to be alone.
  11. When we fight – and we do – Steve is always really careful with his words and his tone and he tries valiantly to not hurt my feelings or take cheap shots.  That’s pretty rare and wonderful if you ask me.
  12. He has spent MANY hours at MANY jobs he hated because he loves his family and cares about what we need.
  13. He is a man of faith.  He believes when things seem cloudy.   He believes when they pour rain.  He believes when it seems the boat will go under.  He believes that God is, God can and God cares.  He just believes and that is so good for me and for our family.
  14. He is the definition of the word gentleman.
  15. He loves nature and never fails to mention the beauty around him. Our kids have inherited this appreciation from him.
  16. When I say, “Do you think I look fat?”  he has exactly the right answer.  I’m not telling you what it is, but it’s exactly right.

That’s all I have.  Well it’s not, but it’s all I’m saying.

I love you, Steve Stern.  More everyday.


  1. Lindsay Joy says:

    This for sure made me cry… Beautiful.

  2. I didn’t cry (Kristin-1… Pregnancy hormones-0… I will prevail!). I did, however, smile a lot. I love, love, love having examples of Godly marriages and people that CHOSE to still love. Despite everything, and because of everything. People that commit to love forever and to love well.

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