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Um, hi. Do you remember way back in the good old days when TV was free and phones were connected to the wall and I used to write a blog?  Yeah, me neither.

I don’t really have  a good explanation for why I’ve been so missing lately.  I think I’ve just been kind of…you know…busy.  I hate that word, but it applies right now.  In fact, the busy has so overtaken my life that my husband and I celebrated Valentine’s Day on February 20th.  So, I was out of town for a youth retreat and I’ve also been working hard on the details of a really exciting project that I’ll tell you about in a few days.  Until then, please enjoy this little list and check in next week for actual substance.  Because – even if it kills me – there shall be substance.

Things I Fear are Becoming an Addiction:

  • Tabasco.  I don’t know where this passion came from, but I’m getting concerned about my love for this stuff.  I’ve recently been making eggs every morning just so I can put Tabasco on them.
  • The phrase, “Come on!”  I noticed as I was speaking last weekend that I am way outside the borders of restraint when it comes to yelling this at people in a tone of disbelief.  And yet I cannot stop myself.
  • My Novafoam pillow.  Just seeing the words makes me sleepy.
  • Egg McMuffins.  1)  They’re yummy.  2)  They’re cheap.  3) They’re not as unhealthy as most food items with Mc in front of them.  4) They’re delicious with Tabasco.
  • Buying clothes for Josiah.  Specifically, shirts.  More specifically, shirts with guitars on them.  Please send help.
  • Top Chef.  Two words: rerun marathons.

And guess what?  A bonus list, that’s what!

Things I Wish Would Become an Addiction:

  • Starbucks oatmeal.  I’ve tried to love it, but the texture still makes me queasy.
  • Cleaning out closets and email inboxes.
  • Connecting with my treadmill in a meaningful way.
  • The phrase, “Far out, man!” because it’s time for that guy to make a triumphant return.  On the same topic: I have been hearing the word “deece” recently and I have a vivid recollection of saying that word no less than seven hundred times during one softball game in 6th grade.  I think it’s time for all catch phrase designers everywhere to get busy and make us something new to say because – come on! – these are all for squares!

So that’s my Saturday list(s).  I’d love to see your list of budding addictions.

Have a great weekend,


  1. Annie K says:

    N.C.I.S… I. Can’t. Stop. Watching.

    (I was just wondering where you’ve been.) 😉

  2. Scrubs. now that I work from home – I break everyday at 2:00 and 2:30 for Scrubs reruns.
    I would have never discovered the gloriousity of Scrubs during the day if I still worked in an office.


    also – on the egg mcmuffin front – did you get the wonderful coupons to mcdonalds that came in the mail? quite genius marketing actually, because I hadn’t been to mcdonalds in quite some times…. then along come the coupons.. I go regularly now.
    Luckily for me, this baby makes me throw nearly everything up, so at least the mcdonalds isn’t catching up to me 😉 (it’s not actually lucky, that was a lie, it’s miserable)

  3. Tracy says:

    Bo’s Blog, but you broke me of that addiction by falling off the face of the Earth for 12 days. I was gathering a search party so I’m glad you are back!

  4. Katie says:

    Youre going to hate me…it’s inevitable. But three of my current addictions are on your wish list. Soo…

    1. Starbucks Oatmeal – I love love love it! I don’t have to make it and they give me three neat little packages of goodies to put on it. Healthy to go? Yes please!

    2. Organizing EVERYTHING – this is an addiction that surfaces everytime my other addiction (piles of unorganized chaos everywhere) gets out of control.

    3. The gym. Two words: trainers work! She is in my head and I can’t quit! Which is a good thing. I’ve tried about a billion times to be a healthy person, but this time I think it’s sticking.

    4. Cooking – I know gasp away, but I’m falling in love with it. I’m still really bad at it (you know you’re bad when you measure oil still) 🙂 but I want to be good at it, so check out my blog on occasion for some yummy (and super healthy!) recipes.

    5. – it’s the best thing in the world. Check it out!

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