Beautiful Day

Posted: February 1, 2009 in Uncategorized

Bo confession #2,349: I LOVE Superbowl Sunday.  I’m thankful for a dad who plunked me and my two sisters in front of NFL football on Sundays.  Given that he had no sons, I think he wanted the company – but I suspsect his real reason was so that we would not ask future boyfriends (he’s a man of faith) stupid questions about touchbacks and tight ends and such.

The byproduct of these afternoons with my dad was that I became a rabid Dallas Cowboys fan at an early age.  I knew defensive plays and passing stats and I could sit down and write every player’s name and jersey number – even the bench sitters – in about three minutes flat.  While I think most men are impressed with a woman who possesses a modicum of football knowledge and enthusiasm, please trust me when I say: middle school boys do not wish to be corrected by a 12-year-old girl should they on occasion misstate Roger Stabach’s percentage of touchdown conversions in the red zone, you know?

The joy of my life was the year that Dallas played Denver in  Superbowl XII (me and the Superbowl are the same age – that’s also why we’re friends) and my wonderful Dad let me order an official Superbowl program (if you have a kid and they like football – this is an awesome thing to do)  It cost me ten U.S. dollars and bought my parents about a thousand hours of peace and quiet.   So, I have no idea what happened to that program of mine, but look what I found on ebay:


It’s selling for WAY more than I paid for it, but just seeing the cover made my little heart thump wildly.  Ah, nostalgia…how I love thee.

All that to say:  though I’m no longer terribly attached to NFL football, and I feel strongly that the Cardinals ought to be from St. Louis and not Arizona, I still love the Superbowl…both for the memories and for the copious amounts of food that go along with it.  I’ve chosen this beautiful guy to be the star of the show today:



One other note:  tomorrow is my 24th anniversary!  Coincidentally, it’s also Steve’s 24th anniversary and so we’re gonna take a road trip.  We’ll be gone til Wednesday so please keep  looking at this burger until I get back and post something more inspirational (though seriously?  this burger inspires me in about a million ways).

Have  a Super Day,


  1. cassie says:

    i too, LOVE Superbowl Sunday… mostly i have a secret love for football.

  2. Karen says:

    Dear Bo,

    A youth pastor friend recently posted on his blog that he and his wife went here…. and it made me think of you and your marvy “cheap dates in Bend” (which are not too useful to me) so I thought I would share this off-the-beaten-track date idea for your upcoming trip. I think it would be wonderful if we tripped over each other while you are in our fair town….

    Have a great anniversary!

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Thanks, Karen! I’ve never seen so many kinds of salt in all my life – I for sure want to check it out. 🙂

    Cassie – let’s both just say it loud and proud; we’re girls AND we like football. There, I feel better. Love you!

  4. Have a wonderful time away – and Happy Anniversary to you both!!!

  5. Happy Anniversary, you guys! 24?! So you must have gotten married when you were 10? =)

    Drooling over that burger……..

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