Saturday Morning Wonderfulness

Posted: January 17, 2009 in Uncategorized

Well, we have had quite a blast of unseasonably warm weather for the past two weeks. Here in the mountains a 64-degree January day is quite remarkable…but a few of them lined up in a row is kind of annoying. One of the reasons I live here is because I love good, solid seasons. SO, imagine my frustration when my husband mentioned  last night that the weather forecast predicted a sunny 71 for Saturday!  I was perplexed and bothered and…not pleased with this arrangement.

However, imagine my delight when we woke up to a winter wonderland of trees frosted with sparkly ice crystals and the mercury shivering at a brisk 20.  Ah, lovely.  The rest of my family left for an all-day volleyball tournament in the distant land of Prineville and I stretched out in the luxury of a winter Saturday with nothing on my calendar.  Wanna share my memories?  Here we go!

The perfect start to any cold morning:


Oh, how I love a good cup of coffee  – but I don’t love to leave my house to get it.  And here’s why:


I think fires made of actual wood are a marvel of human invention.  I invented this one!  Aren’t I a marvel?  The next important thing on my agenda was to get all my stuff “organized”.  Have I ever mentioned that I am an organization genius?


Bible (that one is the Joyce Meyer Amplified Bible and I’m still getting used to it).  Check.  Glasses.  Check.  Sticky markers (can’t live without ’em).  Check x3.  And that other wonderful guy is essential for an awesome stroll through the Word of God.  It’s the Zondervan Bible Handbook and it goes with me just about everywhere my Bible goes.  It’s super easy to find your way around in and it’s written in a very clear and compelling way.  I have a boatload of Bible research tools, but this handbook is the Swiss Army knife of them all!  Also essential, but not interested in posing:  my laptop.  I’ve heard actual preachers sermonize on the principle that all journaling should be done in pen-and-ink and I say: as soon as my hand can legibly write as fast as my thoughts can roll, I’ll use a pen.  Now, here’s something else that will testify to the orderly way I do business:


Yes.  I’m currently trying to do this Beth Moore bible study, while also writing one of my own.  I like to think this makes me a special kind of crazy…but it’s Beth  Moore…about Esther...and it’s awesome and while I know I should postpone going through it til summer, I don’t think I’m gonna be able to wait.

Now having all things perfectly in order and and ready to roll, and being SUPER excited to start reading about  joy…I turn to…


Lamentations! Even though I know I told you I finished 30 days on joy…I still had stuff left to study, so I’m extending it through the end of the month or the end of all time depending on when I reach the end of the discoveries.  And so one of the readings today on JOY was from Lamentations.  Ironic, no?  Also ironic?  My pajama pants.  They are certainly ironic.

Hey – thanks for traveling through my morning with me.  I’m so glad winter’s back!

Thankful for Frosty,


  1. Sounds wonderful Bo!

    Ditto on real fires…I feel like a real women everytime I make one…and I just love all the accolades…it thrills me.

    Tomorrow is day one of Esther for me…I was asked to join a study and how could I say no…like you said…Esther…Beth…we are digging in this group…we have to pick three words and do a word study and also memorize 3 scriptures as well. One of the word combinations I picked is joy and feasting…I am sure you have been doing a lot of feasting on joy.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi…I am hoping to write a real post soon…I have been talking about tea a lot lately…but you know…there is a time for everything…and I am glad about that!

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh, wow, Helen…are you loving the Esther study? I’m LOVING the Esther study! I only meant to go to the first session, but now I’m going to all of them. I definitely will not be able to do the homework in the book til this summer…but I’m loving her teaching on it. Let me know what you find in joy and feasting…it has been my primary food for the past 40 days and I hope it’s the same kind of blessing for you!

    Can’t wait to read your next post…there’s always treasure in your words, friend.


  3. Hey, I know this post is long-past, but I had to let you know I loved turning around and seeing you sitting in the “back of the class” on Tuesday morning. Between Myrtle and Bonita, I thank God for women who have gone ahead to pave the way for the rest of us. It only seems right that you should be in the same room, together.
    -Tori Maurer

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Hi Tori – thanks for that…I am loving that class! And I love your little sign-in name as well. 🙂


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