Joy and Worship

Posted: January 8, 2009 in christian growth, Joy

Principle:  Joy causes worship and worship causes joy.

I Chronicles 15:16 David told the leaders of the Levites to appoint their brothers as singers to sing joyful songs, accompanied by musical instruments: lyres, harps and cymbals.

I Samuel 2:1 “My heart rejoices in the Lord; in the Lord my horn is lifted high.  My mouth boasts over my enemies, for I delight in Your deliverance.

I Chronicles 16:10 Glory in His holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the Lord rejoice.

I Chronicles 16:33 Then the trees of the forest will sing, they will sing for joy before the Lord, for He comes to judge the earth.

Nehemiah 12:27 At the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, the Levites were sought out from where they lived and were brought to  Jerusalem to celebrate joyfully the dedication with songs of thanksgiving and with the music of cymbals, harps and lyres.

Psalm 5:11 But let all who take refuge in You be glad; let them ever sing for joy.  Spread your protection over them, that those who love your name may rejoice in You.

I am currently trying to dig my way out of an avalanche of scriptures on joy and it’s amazing how many of them deal with worship – these six only scratch the surface. Worship is clearly a joy essential.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve found that often when circumstances get difficult, my worship gets a little wobbly.  This week, I determined to make worship the priority of my life and at the same time, my dad (hi dad!) gave me this song and I’ve listened to it about 4,000 times.  In fact, I’ve been starting my mornings with it and I find that it rolls around in my head all day long and is still there when I’m falling asleep at night.  I hope you love it, but even if you don’t, find a reason to worship this week and something to worship to.  It’s a big step toward falling in love with Jesus and with joy.

Open up the Sky – Jonathan Stockstill
Our beloved Father please come down and meet us
We are waiting on Your touch
Open up the heavens shower down Your presence
We respond to Your great love

We won’t be satisfied with anything ordinary
We won’t be satisfied at all

Open up the sky fall down like rain
We don’t want blessings we want You
Open up the sky fall down like fire
We don’t want anything but You

Our beloved Jesus we just want to see You
In the glory of Your light
Earthly things don’t matter they just fade and shatter
When we’re touched by love divine

Here we go let’s go to the throne
The place that we belong
Right into His arms

With sounds of joy,


  1. ci says:

    Oh Wow! what an awesome song/praise to have rolling around in my head. Thanks for sharing…

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Yeah, thank your dad! I had heard this song awhile ago and forgotten about it – clearly had PLENTY of joy at at the time 🙂 Actually, I’m enjoying the whole cd – it’s Deluge from Bethany in Louisiana.

  3. Jess Stern says:

    My dad and Jim and have a great relationship with the Stockstill’s and brought back that song back to Destiny. We sing it frequently…great one!

  4. Katie says:

    This makes me want to cry. Why? Because although I don’t see you everyday we’re still apparently quite connected. See, I’ve also been listening to this song every morning without knowing you were. And I’m even listening to it this very moment! When you said you’d been listening to a song I thought, “It would be so funny if it was Open Up The Sky”. And then there it was! LOVE IT!!!!

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