Christmas looks like…

Posted: December 27, 2008 in Uncategorized

Daughters coming home from college…101_0999 …even though she didn’t get to come home for very long because certain forces conspired against her.  Retail, I’m lookin at you and I’m not at all happy.

(Also, here’s my Christmas gift to you – it’s wisdom and it goes like this:  don’t cut your own bangs using scissors from your junk drawer an hour before you speak to a very attractive crowd.  You’re welcome.)

Christmas looks like Maple Parnell dressed in her finest Christmas sweater:


…and trying to drink my cranberry punch right through the glass:


Christmas looks like young love:


And true love:101_10111

And shoe love:


(Um…I know Christmas is all about giving and not about getting but HOW CUTE are these BOOTS? Just one of the many reasons I’m keeping that guy up there…he pays attention, that one.)

Christmas looks like lasting love:

101_1013And sister love:


And First Love:


I hope your New Year is filled with the peace, presence and hope of first love.


Bo & family

  1. Whitney hasn’t commented on it yet, so maybe it’s better left unsaid (but when have I ever been good at that?)
    But, I do feel it should be pointed out that you called the picture of her and Corey “Young Love” and the picture of Steve “True love”… which implies (although, granted, not specifically stated) that their love is not true – only young.

    And now she can read it, and notice that injustice, and be angry with you.

    You’re welcome.

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Whitney – I’m certain that your love is true, but I needed something for Dad’s picture to rhyme with shoe. 🙂 Pay no attention to the pregnant woman. She’s clearly in the early stages of maternal dementia…that’s gonna last about 18 years.

  3. or…… a moment of perfect clarity….. hmmm, ponder that.

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