Things I’m mulling over…

Posted: December 20, 2008 in Uncategorized
  • The likelihood of snow on Christmas
  • The location of my gift receipts
  • The possibility that my wrapping paper will stretch and NO trip to Target will be required
  • The “thank you for your support” note I received from Barack and Michelle Obama.
  • The origin of the Three Wise Men
  • The price of gas (woo-hoo!)
  • This question: will my family like or loathe cornbread stuffing?
  • And also: Why-oh-why haven’t I studied JOY before?
  • And finally:  How do orphans celebrate Christmas with no mom to buy them presents and make them cornbread stuffing?

Me and the cider, we’re both mullin’,


P.S.  I really am working on getting some posts from the JOY study up…thanks for your kind reminders.    I’m honestly behind on about one million things right now but  I’m looking forward to a week off after Christmas and plan to get all my books read, blogs written, children loved, baseboards cleaned, orphans fed and bills paid.  That seems realistic, doesn’t it?

  1. I like the outro, Mom. “Me and the cider, we’re mullin’.” It reminded me of West Wing.:)

    You’re a doorway darkener, you darken doorways. 🙂

  2. Bo says:

    Ah…Tor, what a nice thing to say. I mean, not everyone would think so but WE would think so. And you used my favorite little quote there at the end which means that this was a top-notch comment, indeed. 🙂 Love you! Come home! For reals!

  3. Nita says:

    Wait….baseboards are supposed to be cleaned? Aw shucks, that’s ONE MORE domestic thing I missed…hee-hee! I just wasn’t cut out for this homemaker thing!

    PARTY this morning at the Alt! YEAH!!!

  4. Tracy says:

    Yeah, what is this baseboard thing? come on Bo…give us a break!

  5. bolovesjoe says:

    Heh…baseboards are the absolute bane of my existence. Baseboards and satan and lima beans. But mostly baseboards.

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