Thanksgiving by the Numbers

Posted: November 30, 2008 in Uncategorized
  • Pounds of turkey:  13
  • Kitchen catastrophes: 1
  • Trips to Safeway on Thanksgiving morning:  3
  • Pounds of butter: 3
  • Turkey sandwiches: 2
  • Movies watched: 3
  • Hours driven by one daughter to spend 24 hours at home: 10
  • Amount of “worth it” that drive was: 42,673,995
  • Football games watched: for me – 1/2  for the rest of my family: a bunch
  • Pizzas ordered: 2
  • Salads consumed: 0
  • Stores visited on Black Friday: 3
  • Gifts purchased: 12
  • Chapters read in Junie B. Jones: Jingle Bells, Batman Smells and P.S. So Does May: 5
  • Messages preached: 4
  • Hours napped: 1
  • Hours spend in nap-recovery:3 and counting
  • Trips to Starbucks: 4

All in all, a pretty great weekend.  So how was yours?

24 Shopping Days til Christmas,


  1. ELizabeth McColl says:

    Great job – mine was pretty good too!

  2. ELizabeth McColl says:

    I got 5 hours of nap time over the 4 days and only had to give one message…

  3. Ann Dunagan says:

    Only 8 around our table this year (6 Dunagans + 2 extras). Lots of leftovers, all in the freezer. No shopping, yet. But YAY!!! We got out all the boxes, which made a huge mess and “obligated” us to tackle the project . . . and now we’re already all decorated for Christmas (about a week before usual, and I feel like I got a huge “jump start” on the season)!!!

    Thanks for your note on my blog. God’s abundant love for orphan kids is amazing.

    Love you!

  4. Anne says:

    Bo, thanks for that awesome message at 9am this morning. Kind of funny that I have been thinking that very thing a lot lately (have you been in my brain, which could be kink of scary, no?) and I was sure it was all directed at me but totally in love. 😉

    Glad you’re Thanksgiving was all good. You can check out pictures of my humongous family and our fantastic Thanksgiving on my blog(!).

  5. Tami says:

    Pounds of turkey: 42 no kidding and very little left
    Kitchen catastrophes: 0
    Trips to Safeway on Thanksgiving morning: 1
    Pounds of butter: 5
    Turkey sandwiches: too many to count for the masses at my home.
    Movies watched: 0
    Football games watched: too many to count
    Pizzas ordered: 0
    Salads consumed: 1
    Stores visited on Black Friday: 1
    Gifts purchased: 2
    Hours napped: 0
    Number of people sleeping in the house: 14
    Number of shifts for meals in order to feed said people: 2 per meal.

    It was crazy, wild, and chaotic but I wouldn’t have changed a thing! Was a perfect holiday…

  6. Umm, excuse me! I believe my drive was 5 1/2 in the car for twenty-four hours at home, thank you very much! And it was totally totally worth it.:)

    hours talking to mom: not enough
    hours with just my dad: not enough, the numeric value of 3
    hours with my sisters: like 10, not enough
    hours with my brothers: like 10, not enough
    hours with new puppy and very old pooch: not enough
    turkey eaten: plenty
    mashed potatoes eaten: not enough
    movies watched: 1 1/2
    beverage mistakes: 1
    hours spent in my old room: 1
    number of jokes: lots and lots
    hours driven: 5 1/2
    amount of satisfaction: very nearly complete
    complaint: too short

  7. Megan says:

    I love your stats for Salads consumed. Ha! And the one for Starbucks trips- even better! My stats would look something like this-

    Kids sick- 2
    Turkey consumed- I made chicken
    Minor 3 year old meltdowns- 2
    Major 3 year old meltdowns- 0 (WOW!)
    Starbucks trips- 4
    Turkey (Chicken) Sandwiches- 2
    Happiness Factor- 500,986,328

    P.S. Random- Have you ever seen Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy? It is the weirdest funniest movie. Its funnier the 2nd time around, because you know how random it will be. For some reason I thought of it, and then thought of you. Not sure why….

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