Jesus and the Sneaky Guy

Posted: November 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Today I started reading Matthew.  I just love that even the name of this book tells a story of miraculous redemption.  Matthew – Jewish tax collector for the Romans – was an unlikely guy to be chosen by the Savior of the world.  He’s not the guy you would trust or even like.  Clearly, he must have found a whole new life in his relationship with Jesus – even apart from the eternal aspect of it all – because this is the coming together of a man who was all greed and sneak with a man who was all love and sacrifice.  The forming of a friendship must have produced a storm of questions and probably included a boatload of shocking surprises for our unscrupulous friend.  Interesting, too, that since a man is judged by his friends, Matthew’s presence in the lineup of disciples didn’t really do anything to help Jesus’ credibility.  And yet He chose him.

And He chose me.

And He keeps choosing the most unlikely candidates for kingdom ownership.

Amazed again,


  1. Hailey says:

    Amazing 🙂 it’s always great to read your thoughts!

  2. Yes, he chose me too. So thankful……

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