Why Stephenie Should Wear a Turkey Costume

Posted: November 8, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow – it’s been an awesome week at Amani Life HQ!  We have gotten a fantastic amount of donations and volunteer support.  Here’s a recap:

  • We had wonderful banners made – we’ve been needing them for awhile, but have been a little concerned about the cost.  This fundraiser made us know that we had to get ’em so we decided to bite the bullet.  Corey went to see Chad & Stephanie at Dealin’ in Signs and placed the order and you know what they said?  NO CHARGE, is what they said!  WE’LL GIVE ‘EM TO YOU, is what they said!  Woo!  These banners are very expensive which means we are VERY grateful to Dealin’ in Signs and recommend them for all your sign & banner needs!
  • The amazing Ray’s Food Place on the Westside of Bend gave us ALL the turkeys we asked for and we’re so grateful to their manager, Walt.  If you have Thanksgiving shopping to do, could we recommend that you do a little at Ray’s and say a hearty thank you for their awesome donation?
  • Groceries have been coming in steadily – as have some donations and that’s been SO encouraging.

So, here’s where we’re at now.  We still need:

  • Three pounds (or the 12-oz packages) of coffee.
  • Five packages of stuffing mix.
  • Three gallons of Apple Cider – or if you like – 2 bottles of sparkling cider.
  • Three cans pumpkin pie filling.
  • Three cans apple pie filling.
  • Three 5-pound bags of potatoes.

Honestly, that’s not a lot…not much at all.  And if you want to just contribute a little money, we’d be glad to do the shopping.

This isn't Stephenie - but it COULD be!

This isn't Stephenie - but it COULD be!

Whitney (Bend/Redmond sites) and Megan (Portland metro sites) can still use help at the tables so email them to sign up yourself, your small group, your family or your turkey-costumed relatives (please see the comment thread on this post).  It’ll be a blast!  Whit can be reached at amanilifeproject@gmail.com. and the lovely Meg can be found at inman.meg@gmail.com.

One other update:  tote bags are on their way and they’re wonderful!  If you don’t receive yours by the end of the week, please shoot Whitney an email and let her know.  We’re still perfecting our system and we don’t want to miss anyone who signed up to be a sponsor…and you’ll want to carry this fun bag everywhere you go!

You know, I’m convinced:  we really can change the world if we want to!

So much turkey love,


  1. mi says:

    just so you know I cannot be reached at inman.meg@gmail.com BUT if you e-mail me at inman.megan@gmail.com I will not only get your e-mail but respond as well!!!!!

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