Tuesday’s Child: Maggie’s Story

Posted: October 21, 2008 in Uncategorized

You know, sometimes I watch CNN and it seems like the American sky is falling.  Then, I watch this and it reminds me that our country, for the most part, is pretty healthy, strong and blessed.

It’s for girls like Maggie that The Amani Life Project exists.  I’m so excited to make a difference.

For Tuesday’s Children Everywhere,


  1. ELizabeth McColl says:

    You know, it is very interesting that with the poverty, Aids epidemic, suffering, huts washed away by the rains, seemingly little hope, and health care at a minimum in Africa then put against the affluence, wealth, opportunities, resources, endless education, comfort, that we enjoy in the USA (and parts of Europe). Who are the ones becoming Christ-followers faster and in exponential numbers? I am challenged by Matthew 25 – those 3 parables just will not leave my mind…just a sneaking suspicion that this “blessing” is not such a great thing after all – or (dare I say it) is from God?

  2. ELizabeth McColl says:

    ..oh, and I meant to add, this is a great video and one that compels us to act..

  3. Tracy says:

    Thanks Bo….you did it again and as I pine away for that new shirt I want or the meal out I want to eat…all of a sudden my priorities are changed. The challenge is to keep our minds adjusted and fixed on the right things and not forget the suffering we see and hear about!

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