How important are the polls?

Posted: October 19, 2008 in Uncategorized

Um…I don’t actually know.  I know that the polls right now are sending a strong signal that we could see a President Obama come November.  However, I remember the polls being dead wrong in so many of the primaries this year and I know that -just like in life – the battle generally goes to those who show up.  I think voter turnout is going to decide the race this year.  Could I add, however, that someone who is campaigning for reelection to city council here in Bend just showed up at my door to ask for my vote?  Like, in person.  Wow.  That’s a lot of dedication.

In other news, I spoke at church this weekend and I am SO tired.  Something hit me after the fourth and final service that was very similar to being hit by a truck.  Or a train.  Or a spice you don’t like.  Hee.  Since I have no words left after 3 hours of talking…talking…talking….I’ve decided it’s time for our very own poll.  It’s about a subject that’s near and dear to my heart.   And I promise that the day is coming when I really will write something of meaning and significance.  Soon.  Thanks for your patience and good will.  Enjoy expressing your opinion!

  1. branden Carpenter says:

    Just so you know, in case the results don’t go to you. I picked winter, but secretly I form the fall and winter into one delicious season with good food, warm fires and tons of fun things to do outside with friends. This pole is way more fun then the current political ones (:

  2. Ann Dunagan says:

    Four services? Wow!!! I’d have to be in Africa for a chance to preach that many times in one day.

    May God refresh and uplift you. Bo.

    And regarding the future of our nation and home-sweet-home, I’m glad I don’t have to rely on any poll combo for my hope; Thank God, MY hope is unshakable, and MY hope comes from the Lord. In fact, He even calls Himself our GOD of HOPE . . . and of the increase of His kingdom (which is where my true citizenship is based) there is no end.

    P.S. One cool thing about raising godly kids is that our family voter-influence can increase. In this election, we’ve got 5 from our family voting (including one in a Marine Corps uniform)!

  3. ELizabeth McColl says:

    Well, I didn’t know that you preached 4 times but I have to tell you that it was worth it, FOR SURE! I don’t come to WS very often but there was something pulling me in on saturday and I am glad that I listened to the Holy Spirit and followed my feet into the door.
    It is a crazy time right now. I have not seen this much fear of the future ever – in my lifetime, even after 9/11 or the London bombings in 2005. However, I just wonder, (a sneaking suspicion, as my friend Judy would say) whether God is taking one more thing away from us to which we hold so strongly. Is He asking us “what do I have to do to get your attention and remind you that the world will never offer you a strong foundation?” I wonder……so with the subject being all about faith, I was encouraged, challenged, and edified and walked out of the building and home in the dark. Looking up at the stars, which were so clear that night, I was reminded of Abram (Abraham) who was told by God to “look up” (Gen 12). Perhaps we could think about following Abe’s example and look up at the possibilities, not down at what’s already taken place…remember, sneaking suspicions…
    E xx

  4. Karen says:

    I hope you can find a way to make today a sabbath for your spirit and body. The stress of speaking four times yesterday most certainly drained both.

    I remarked to my husband just yesterday how much I appreciate your ability to write on so many levels. You write poignant pieces about orphans that are not only fact filled but stirring, spiritual essays such as last week’s piece on Joseph, and then (secretly my fav) fun stuff like the ode to Trader Joe’s butter. Your letter to your sister just sort of awed me, for one I don’t have a sister so I reflected on what that must feel like, but it also gave me hope that my girls will feel that way about one another. Thank you Bo, for speaking openly on so many topics. This election frustrates me – as they all do – as I try to discern what is real and what is campaign fluff.

    We just rented Lions for Lambs this weekend – very thought provoking movie that speaks to the complacency our nation has developed, the apathy and arrogance of our hearts. Good movie for these times. Left me wondering what I can do besides pray.

    Bless you!

  5. Tracy says:

    Summer….and here I am crying now because it has slipped away from me…but wait, fall is here and pumpkin spice latte’s are such a dream. I love fall, my favorite! But ya know the snow and the uggs! Who could ever give those up? Until of course spring when I get to see the daffodils and grass again. And then YUMM!!! SUMMER SUN!! I just love God and His season! Praise the Lord!

  6. Anne B says:

    Ok – I cheated and voted summer AND fall (only because yesterday afternoon was awesome and I so enjoyed my long, lazy (much needed refreshing of my soul) hike along the river down at Meadow Camp).

    I was so bummed I missed your message (I’ll have mom grab the CD on Tuesday) – you’d never believe the past 4 days I had and I was completely exhausted and didn’t even get out of bed until after 10 yesterday morning (does that put me in heathen status…?). Anyway, I hope you have a lovely (and quiet) Monday!

  7. Whitney says:

    I choose whichever season has the most vacation in it! For me, that’s fall. And I also love fall the most out of them all anyway, so it works out to have vacation, our anniversary, and my favorite season – all in the space of what seems like 2 weeks (I think that’s about all the fall fun we get here). If I were to ever move anywhere, it would be wherever they have the longest fall.

    And, the thought of speaking 4 times in 18 hours (for what, a half hour straight each time?) makes my skin crawl because I have a bad cankersore. You know how much those kill me.

    Glad to be home even those it’s no beach,

  8. Jess Stern says:

    Hey Bo! Glad to know you have a blog too! I’ll add you to my blog reader to stay updated.

    Thanks for the mom encouragement. I’m sure I was having one of those days. All in all, life is really good and I have no complaints. 🙂 I loved your “glass door at any age” analogy though. I’m sure that is so true. Jim always mentions how he has about 7 more years until we hit the teen years with McKennah and until life gets REALLY interesting. 🙂 Ha ha. We cherish the older parents around us and in our lives to give us the “been there, done that” advice. It does help us keep the right perspective.

    Tell the fam we said hello!

  9. Jess Stern says:

    Oh and P.S….

    I voted for Fall as well. I’m with Whitney…vacation, anniversary, and favorite season. We just celebrated 9 years on October 2. Next year we’re planning a nice get-away for our 10th. But I do love weather that is not too hot, not too cold, sweaters and jeans, pretty leaf colors, bonfires, pumpkin and apple picking, and all the wonderful smells.

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