World Orphan Week – Create Group Linkage

Posted: October 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

So, We all have a group, yes?  NO?  You’re telling me NO?  You have no group?  Many people think they have no group, but the groupless condition is actually very rare.

No matter how little influence we think we have, there are many people in our circle who would definitely listen to a cry for help on behalf of a voiceless girl.  This circle includes family, friends, people we see at soccer games, baristas, people from church, clubs, PTA, neighbors, co-workers, classmates,  workout buddies, and the list could go on and on and on.   Technology has enabled us to even have VIRTUAL groups.

For the real-live-flesh-and-blood people, ask us for a fistful of beautiful Amani contact cards (email Whitney at  The card contains a few facts, our super-cool flower logo and the driving directions to our home on the world wide web.  Send us your name & address, and we’ll send you 20 cards along with a straight-up challenge to get them all into the hands of your friends within 7 days.  My son is 8 and has distributed about 800 of these cards (+/- 780).  Brilliant! But he’s a brilliant boy.

For the virtual groups, you could link us on your blog, Facebook, My Space or web site.  We have a Facebook group that is growing daily, a My Space that we frankly haven’t paid much attention to, and some cool flair if you want to add it to your page.  Also, we have an electronic invite you can send your friends that lands in their email account and then entices them over to our web site.  A couple of these invites have led to some wonderful and amazing sponsors and donations, so don’t underestimate the degree to which people are looking for ways to make a difference in their world. You  can get that by clicking on the Do Something tab at

Literally, (as opposed to virtually)



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