My e-issues.

Posted: September 26, 2008 in Uncategorized

One email for work.

One email at home.

One email for Amani.

One blog.

One Facebook account.

One web site.

One Paypal account.

One Ebay account (which does me no good because I NEVER win auctions.  Bitterness.)

One Amazon account.

One Forever 21 account (three daughters – don’t judge me)

And that’s 10.  Ten online accounts, each with it’s own unique username/password combination.  And about ten hours each day to check in on them all.  Okay, maybe not ten hours (and maybe I did actually win one ebay bid)…but it does take a lot of time.  Mostly because of typing the wrong password three times before finally, mercifully (and usually accidentally) cracking the elusive code.

So far?  Technology is not making my life all that much easier.

Crafting a strongly-worded email letter to Bill Gates,


  1. Dani Milton says:

    Hey Bo!
    I’ve been sneaking peeks on your website for a couple weeks now. Love it!

    My two cents on your post: join me in my desire to escape the death grip of password code….change all passwords to 1 word, add a number in front of password or after if required (always using the same combo) and then guard it with your very life. My plan has succussfully worked for over 5 years. Mwahaha.


  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Dani…yay! I’m glad to hear from the newlywed and glad you gave me such a time-saving tip. I hope married life is wonderful and that you come by often!

  3. i also use the same password for everything, and on sites that require a number.. the same number at the end of it.. the extra protection comes from the fact that my password is random letters.. so no one could ever just “guess” my password, so i typed random letters and then made it into an acronym so that i could remember what the letters were, plus if you add a little “twist” to the acronym you can write it down somewhere and no one would know what it is.
    also for the STUPID places that have strict rules about their passwords (I have one that has to be 2 letters, then a number then 3 letters then 2 numbers and there has to be one upper case and one lower case letter) I just write it down in code..

    if all of that didn’t confuse you too much 🙂
    you could also keep them stored in a text message draft on your phone. plus, if it’s not your banking passwords.. i dont think you have too much to worry about someone stealing them and having access to your.. um.. facebook info?

  4. helenw13 says:

    Okay…I thought I was unique…I use the same password as well and even the same user id number if there is a need for that as well…basically if anyone ever found this out…I would be in big trouble…although my bank login has the only different password.
    It is a lifesaver…incredibly.

    Also…google reader has cut my blog surfing by more than half…I love it…all the blogs I need to keep up with on one page with one log in…priceless and genius.

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