Tuesday’s Child – Vol. 6

Posted: September 9, 2008 in Orphans
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This week, I have a Tuesday’s Child gift for you and it’s not a puppy (sorry).  It’s the gift of passion.  I can hear you already, “Oh no…not more passion!”  I know how you feel.  But trust me, this is really good!

So, ever since I saw this video,  I have wanted this book:

It was released a couple of weeks ago and I was waiting in line for my copy (where “waiting in line” equals sitting at my computer) and it finally came!   I could try to review and rehash it, but instead I’ll just say:  watch the video (and also this one and this one) and you’ll want to read the book.  Read the book, and you’ll want to do something big with your faith.

Faith is strong.  If it can move mountains, then I have to think it can also rescue orphans.  So when faced with a number like 143,000,000, faith is really quite a gift, isn’t it?  I hope this stirs yours.

Restless and reckless,


  1. Jenna says:

    Bo, Thank you for being committed to sharing your heart and passions. I am so thankful that God has given us the same passion. Again, you stir me. Thank you. I will be reading that book, believe you me! Bless you sweet lady.

  2. Tracy says:

    Ok, I’m in! I’ve got the book, I’ve watched the video’s, my heart is crushed. God will have to put this one together for me:) Thank you!

  3. Tami says:

    K, got the book…have cried watching the videos…ate some chocolate…began the book…didn’t want to put it down but needed sleep…I am ready!

  4. bolovesjoe says:

    Yay for ladies who are “in”! I’m so excited about all that we might be able to accomplish together. My friend, Kaci Bullis says, “let’s use our wonder woman bracelets” to change the world. Yep. Let’s! Stayed tuned ladies!

    Oh, and Tami: chocolate and a good book? Yes. I concur.

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