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The PBC campus. You have no idea how small the rooms are in those castle-y looking things.

Taking Tori to college – the very same campus I lived on 25 (yikes!) years ago – has made me very nostalgic lately. I’ve been remembering the joy, fear, turmoil and freshness of taking those first few breaths of adulthood. It was a fun time for me, but there are a few things I think I would do differently if I was starting over now.

  • I would not live on Top Ramen. I believe this launched a carb-craving that remains my nemesis (and my thigh’s nemesis) today. I don’t know what I would have lived on instead of Top Ramen, since my budget was about .08 per day, but still…it’s a wish.
  • I would have loved people WAY more intentionally and judged them WAY less harshly. I was young and opinionated and just, in general, right about EVERYTHING and I regret that attitude a lot. It cost me real friends at a time when I really needed them.
  • I would have prayed more. Oh wait – that’s on today’s wish list too.
  • I would have asked more questions. Being right all the time really limits one’s ability to gain actual knowledge.
  • I would have saved more money. Absolutely – this one is at the top of the list.
  • I would have worried a lot less about the little things and a lot more about the big picture.

There are lots more, but these came immediately to mind. So how bout you? I know that you’re all at different places in life right now, but what would you do differently if you were starting out fresh now? Your wisdom could make someone else very wealthy!

Looking back and looking ahead,


  1. Jessica Carpenter says:

    I would’ve spent less time worrying about what other people thought of me. And I would for sure sill do more of that!

  2. Tracy says:

    1.I would have gone to community college for 2 years…then to the state college
    2.I wouldn’t have joined a sorority..however, I think I actually became who I am today because of pushed me to Jesus, so maybe I would have. 3. I would have given up smoking for apples instead of candy bars, because now I can’t get rid of the “I need Chocolate, after I eat” craving:)
    4. I wouldn’t always be looking at the greener grass on the other side..enjoying the young, single, alone thing rather than yearning for the old, married, child thing. I guess I’m still trying to do this today…Live in the NOW, not the tomorrow…hmmm…I’ll be contemplating NOW all day

  3. Katie says:

    1. I totally know how small those rooms are…I totally, painfully know.
    2. I would have let God’s opinion of me set the standard – turns out it’s also really hard to grow when you don’t think you deserve to.
    3. I would NOT have dyed my hair in a PBC bathroom
    4. I would have finished my degree

    I guess all of those have to do with my time at PBC, so I don’t know that I answered the question right. Really the thing I would do right now – and still desperately aim to do – is accept the overwhelming love and thoughts of God toward me. When I know I’m loved and I can accept it everything else changes from there.

    One more thing from the PBC wisdom corner: George Foreman Grill. Saved my life and my meals! 🙂

  4. Ann Dunagan says:

    I don’t have too many regrets about college life (at the UW in Seattle and ORU in Tulsa); but there is one thing I “wish” I would have done.

    During college, I attended a large church, and there was a time when I strongly “felt” that I should ask our pastor’s wife if she would ever want free help with her four young kids.

    But I was afraid to ask her about it . . and thought that she probably didn’t need assistance. Looking back, I wish I would have stepped-out and asked. If a college girl asked me that, I’d be so blessed . . . and who knows what else God wanted to do?

  5. ci says:

    I regret that I let shyness and fear keep me from meeting some people that I so wanted to get to know. Also, I could have pushed myself in my studies a bit more. It was a wonderful and amazing time in my life but a lot of time was spent on doing what was comfortable rather than risk.

  6. bolovesjoe says:

    Wow, ladies, you all have great advice. I’ve especially decided to take Tracy’s counsel and always turn to apples rather than chocolate! Starting today. Or tomorrow. But soon, probably.

  7. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh and Katie – the George Foreman grill…is that how you got that nasty scar on your foot?

  8. Tracy says:

    I acutally think that chocolate is better for the mind but apples are better for the thighs…its a toss up every time!

  9. Elyxis says:

    Well… I am starting fresh right now, I havent had all of life’s experiences yet, and I havent had many regrets so far… silly ones, like buying the wrong kind of shoes or eating the pizza that sat out all night that made me sick, but one thing I hope for is that I wont have any regrets in the decisions that I am going to have to make as I come into adulthood. I want EVERYTHING I do to be intentional and for the right reasons and most of all, for God. I know that when I place my life at the feet of Jesus, I wont want to do anything over… and thats what I hope for. 🙂

  10. My mind often spins with the should’ve, could’ve, wish I would’ves of life. It’s hard to pick out just a few, which means I’m most likely spending way too much time on those thoughts!
    Sometimes I wish I would have:
    1.Done my homework
    2.Not skipped class so much
    3.Believed in myself a little more
    4.Not difined myself by the world around me
    5.known the love, power, and purpose of God for ME sooner
    Mistakes, and “wish-I-would’ves” are inevitable.
    If we learn persevere these become great teachers that lead us forward, but if we wallow in them, then they are only snares. That’s when they become regrets that keep us living in the past.

  11. I just pressed a button that erased my whole comment. In which, I listed the little pearls of wisdom I took from each of your wonderful posts. I’m not rewriting it, it wasn’t THAT clever.:-> So I’ll just skip to the chase. If I could go back a month to the moment I got here. I would have gotten my priorities in place. I would have re-evaluated my values. I would have realized just how important the Lord is. I’d have realized the immense lack of consequence in the periphery. God is so much more than I’ll ever realize. So much more important and worthy than ever I guessed. All of my endeavors have come up pointless when attempted without His covering or consent.
    I know this is repetitive and not super fun, but it’s the lesson I’m learning and assume I’ll be learning all of my life.

    God is worth everything.

  12. I love you, Mom.:-> It’s remarkable how much more that means when you aren’t here. Anyway, I love you, and I also love Dad.


    Post Script: My love also encompasses Josiah and Tess and Whitney and Corey and Casey and Abby-girl, but not necessarily in that order.;->

  13. bolovesjoe says:

    I love you too, Tori. That’s all.

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