Bo Concept

Posted: August 9, 2008 in Uncategorized

I try not to pay too much attention to the searches that lead to my blog…it can just be weird, you know?

Recently, however, I noticed a trend of people landing here who are searching for furniture. Interesting, yes? Yes. Because I – to my knowledge – have never posted anything about furniture. I do love the interior design blogs of Kristin Bryan and Kirsten Grove , but hadn’t linked them until recently. SO…I had to figure out how the google trail was leading from “round chair” to “Bo Stern” and I searched it myself and found a company called Bo Concept and – wow! – it’s a whole entire parallel IKEA universe. It’s like IKEA, if IKEA was smoking a cigar and telling jokes while sitting on stacks of cash. Check it out at (Aside: they have a bookcase similar to one I bought at IKEA only half the size and three times the price. I’m guessing maybe their’s doesn’t wobble like mine, but where’s the charm in stability?)

So, for those of you who are looking for a sleek, round coffee table, you probably won’t find it here. You may, however, find things to talk about AROUND a coffee table (see that clever tie-in?) And for those of you who tire of stories about my kids and Egg McMuffins, you have a place to run.



  1. Steven says:

    Yes, that’s true, BoConcept and IKEA are so alike, but the fact is.. BoConcept have a higher level of quality. So say you were furnishing a house, buy BoConcept for what your guests will see cause it’s well worth it and buy IKEA for you inside rooms where things are less formal. Don’tya think so?

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