Tuesday’s Child, Vol. 2

Posted: August 5, 2008 in Orphans
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Yay for kids who find  a home at KKV in Nairobi!

Yay for kids who find a home at KKV in Nairobi!

I love this photo – my brother-in-law, Jon, posted it several months ago on his blog and it moved me deeply then. I love Kings Kids Village! It’s spacious and beautiful and situated on several lush, green acres that are perfect for running and playing and kicking a soccer ball. The building you catch a glimpse of in this picture is very large and divided into four bright, airy homes for over 30 children and their house parents. These kids will get to stay until they’re ready to roll on out and into a grownup life.

For most of the kids here, grownup life seems a long way off. They have many years to learn and grow and figure out what they want to be when they leave KKV. For two of them, however, grownup life is right around the corner; within the next two years. Over the past few months, as the 143 million number has been knocking on my heart, I’ve been asking God to give me a bite-sized piece of this enormous task. Week-by-week, I’ve felt Him chiseling away at that number, narrowing it down to those who will soon be released – or “age out” – of an orphanage (38,000 per day age out of the system with no where to go)…then further narrowing it down to women of that group…and further to the African women of that group…until finally, the task has moved from 143,000,000 to two. Two young ladies at KKV who are being loved and cared for and who have big dreams for their big future. Their stories are difficult and painful…but we believe that their future will be filled with hope.

Next week, I’ll introduce you to the first of these two miraculous women. I hope they’ll change your life like they’ve changed mine.

For the Future,


  1. Stephenie Madsen says:

    I’ve not yet made it abundantly clear, but I really want to be involved in whatever comes for Essie and Judy. I’m already way too attached and invested into those two. Please, please, please let me be involved somehow. 🙂

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Oh, sweet Steph…you thought you might have had a choice NOT to be involved? Cute of you! We listened to the interviews last night (computer issues with the video – I hope to see them today) and they kept me awake, thinking and praying and planning and we’re getting the ball rolling and I’ll touch base with you next week. You did an amazing job with the girls and their stories are beautiful…their future will be beautiful as well.

  3. Jess Rusling says:

    I was so sad to leave those beautiful girls! But also so excited to see what God does in each of their lives. God has already done so much and i’m excited to see more… as Steph said, if there is anything more that i can do to help please let me know… If not, please keep me updated!

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