The Corey Story

Posted: July 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

July 13th is his birthday, and so I am reminded about the many reasons I’m grateful for Corey Parnell and his presence in our family. In order to keep the mush to a minimum, I’m going to bullet-point it. Just straightforward, you know? No emotion involved. Straightforward reasons why it’s good he’s a part of us – in no particular order:

  • He can reach the stuff on the top shelves. So can Whit, but it’s easier for Corey.
  • He ‘s the only big brother Josiah has and so where else would he learn wrestling moves, fireworks skills and how to dress like a metrosexual 8-year-old? Important things.

  • He understands my daughter in ways that few people do. This was something I saw from the near-beginning of their friendship. In fact, they didn’t like each other much at all and I watched Corey determine to figure out how to make a friendship out of pretty much nothing. I love that he saw the things in her that made the pursuit worth it.
  • Corey is one of those people that everyone feels needs a little extra humility, and then they devise ways to provide it – mostly through sarcasm. I’m amazed that he – generally – lets it roll off and moves on.
  • He’s really talented and our family needed it!

  • He brought with him a fabulous family. Steve, Cathy, Casey & Jason feel like our very own and I’m so blessed by that.
  • He’s never had sisters, but he is an awesome brother to Tori and Tess (woe unto the young men who desire to date them.) I believe his presence in our family makes the idea of marrying a man of God not just possible, but non-negotiable.
  • He knows the Word. That’s a simple sentence, but behind it? Lots of power.
  • He’s funny. And life is too short to live with unfunny relatives.
  • He believes in a dream that seems elusive most of the time…but still he believes.
  • This will sound silly, but I love Corey because of all my kids, he may be the most like me. His communication style, his humor, his philosophy on life – and most importantly, his guitar skills – are things that make me feel like he was always meant to be a part of our family (in addition to his own!)

There are a million other reasons to be thankful for Corey, but he’ll be mad if I keep going. Mostly, I just want to say:Thanks, Cor, for loving our girl faithfully, for serving your God extravagantly, and for being a great representation of Him in the world. We know you will do exploits in year 25!

Happy Birthday,

Bo, the Mother-in-law

  1. tessabigail says:

    Oh, Corey. He is indeed something to be thankful for, because without him, Joe would know way too little about wrestling.
    I do have one problem with this post, the one that says, He is very talented and our family needed that? I resent that. 🙂

    Love Love Love ya!

    ☼ Tess

  2. cass-a-rooh says:

    oh Corey….

    we “emerge-type” are blessed beyond words.

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    It’s okay, Tess, you can be talented too – just not on Corey’s birthday. 🙂

  4. Jessica Carpenter says:

    I like Corey too!! For all the listed reasons. I wish I could smuggle you into our family as well. Happy Birthday!

  5. Tori says:

    All I have to say is yes. Yes Corey is an amazing big brother, and yes I also feel that he’s more like me than anyone else in the fam. But mostly I want to say that yes, having him in the family has proved to me that marrying a man of God is not only possible, it’s non-negotiable. Corey is my standard in the way he unabashedly stands firm in his morals. It doesn’t matter who stands with him, he knows what’s right and he’ll not weaver. I wont settle for less than what I see in my loving, wise, gentle but honest brother, Corey.

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