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Don’t always be asking, “Where are the good old days?” Wise folks don’t ask questions like that. Ecclesiastes 7:10

I love when a tiny scripture rises up, shakes its fist and demands to be noticed. That’s what this one did to me. It’s so simple, but it just struck me how easy it is to get caught living somewhere other than today. It happens without even realizing it. For instance, our country is stuck right now in an endless cycle of constantly re-hashing how much gas used to cost, how much our homes used to be worth, how much we used to save at the grocery store and how easy it used to be to get a job. And it’s funny, because I don’t remember thinking of 2006 as a time of roaring prosperity. We just lived it then, and probably even complained about it, but we long for it now.

So, I was thinking: what about today? Is it as bad as we think? I mean, because really: if I believe that everything I have comes from Him, then I have to really BELIEVE it…all the time. That means that the $2 I paid for gas two years ago came from God. He was able to provide that for me out of His good treasure and that same God can also handle the $4. Or the $5. Or the unthinkable (which used to be $4!) Sometimes it feels almost wise to worry…but this scripture says “Nope. It’s wise to rest and enjoy the day.”

I don’t want to channel energy into wishing for the good old days. I want to seize this day and this moment and every opportunity to find Him faithful and strong and good. Because I’m ultimately convinced that this season of economic challenge is wildly outside the realm of my control, and yet still fits easily in the palm of His hand. And isn’t that just about the best news ever?

Carpe diem-ing,


  1. Ann Dunagan says:

    Hello Dear Bo!

    It’s so funny that your post today is about not just “wishing for the good ole days” because tonight I was missing YOU and our friendship from long ago . . . which is totally still with me!!!

    Tori’s high school graduation picture is so fun. She’s beautiful, and oh, does she ever look like you. If the anointing and passion for God and fun attitude for life carries with the looks, she’s gotta be one amazing young woman.

    As for the family?? Well, Jon and I are doing great! Patrick is now a 2nd leiutenant officer in the Marines. Josh turns 20 this week and is nearly done with ORU. Christi and I get to speak at this weekend’s Oregon homeschool convention and then we head to Africa. Daniel has long crazy-curly hair and hopes to get his licence in August. And Mark, Caela, and Philip are GROWING and being kids. And me?? well, I’ve got a book coming out next month: “The Mission-Minded Family – Releasing your family to God’s destiny” and I was pretty happy a few days ago when Gregg and Sono Harris (you know, the parents of I kissed dating goodbye and “do hard things”?) wrote a nice endorsement . . . which may become my forward.

    well. Just reading all your awesome writings (and ramblings) made me miss you more than ever. Christi and I have been longing to come visit Bend (and your family) sometime soon.

    I need to keep in touch with you better, ’cause I LOVE being your friend.

    missing you.

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Wow, Ann…your comment made me wonder where the time has gone. For whatever reason, the sentence that jumped out at me is that Daniel wants to get his license soon and it just seems that this cannot be! I don’t understand how he stopped being four. 🙂 I have been keeping up with your family through your newsletter and I’m so proud of all of you…God is awfully good.

    Tori leaves for Portland Bible College in August, and it’s been so odd for us to imagine being a family with only two kids at home. Corey & Whit and Tori are going to Mexico this month, so we’re going to practice and if we don’t like it we’ll just call this whole “grow up and pursue your destiny” thing off.

    Goodness, we love you guys and please come see us soon. It would be so fun to catch up!

    Much love to you my friend!

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