Vicious Rumors of Elves and Such

Posted: June 13, 2008 in Uncategorized

Wow. Someone please tell me what has happened to this poor, dusty little blog over the past few weeks? Oh…wait…I know this one! Life happened. I was hoping in vain when I logged in today that maybe the blogging elves had visited in the night and posted something a little clever, witty and – dare I say – pithy? But no. It appears things are quite the way I left them so many moons and so much life ago.

A quick rundown on some of the big stuff:

1) I took a quick trip to San Francisco for my best friend’s birthday. My friend, Pam, is one of the dearest, funniest people I know and I’m thankful she still loves me after 25 years of me…um…being me. This trip was really remarkable. And really hot. But mostly remarkable. It included dinner at this amazing restaurant. It’s a meal I have tried to describe to at least a dozen people and I always sense from their response that hearing about a feat of culinary genius is not quite the same as experiencing it firsthand.

2) Whitney’s 21st Birthday. I tell you the truth: I meant to write a heartfelt What Whitney Means to Me tribute on her birthday, but I just got buried under a bunch of other stuff. One of those things was the research, shopping, chopping, mixing, baking and frosting required for the World’s Most Chocolately Chocolate Cake which was requested for her birthday. Seriously, I bet I read 100 recipes, looking for the perfect one. Did I find perfect? No, I did not. Did I find fine? Yes. So the search goes on for the world’s greatest chocolate cake. If you have a contender, send it my way!

3) The Plague, Part II. Days sick: 10. Boxes of Kleenex: 5. Nyquil capsules: 8. Hours of Food Network: 27.

4) Tori’s Graduation. Sniff. Maybe that’s where some of the Kleenex went. I wish I had something more eloquent to say about the whole event, but my feelings are best capsulized in one sentence which I probably said to my husband fifty times during the weekend: Man, I love that kid.

5) CLC Graduation. Sniff, again. It’s amazing to walk with kids through a whole year of their lives and see God’s hand in it all. He’s so good. The wonderful Fabiola spoke at graduation and brought the house down. Woo, Fab! You can totally have my job!

So summer is officially upon us. My kids have been home for two hours and haven’t mentioned being bored yet, but I betcha it’s coming. I’m so excited for this season. Warmer weather, slower pace…that’s my plan.

What about you? What are your plans for summer “vacation”?

Here’s to 80 in the shade,


  1. cassie says:

    hooray for another post!!!
    although i love that pic of Tori, so seeing it as much as i did was a delight!

    summer is certainly here and hooray! my summer plans include, but are not limited to; 4th of july with my family! 180 summer camp! Disneyland! and river floating!

  2. CI says:

    My schedule looked similar to yours. I am looking forward to keeping my house cleaner and enough laundry completed that no one says, “Mom, there’s no towels, shirts, etc…food, (fill in the blank)…” I am hoping for an afternoon in the back yard sunshine with a great book and a tall glass of cold iced tea! It all seems so impossible…but it could happen! 🙂

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Cassie – you have awesome summer plans…the happiest place on earth? Totally fun!

    Cher – oh, for a summer laundry person! Wouldn’t that be a good invention? Also, I can’t wait for the tea and the sun and the reading…I’m going to do a recommended reading list soon!

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