Top Twenty List: #18 & 19

Posted: April 30, 2008 in Uncategorized

Continuing my rambling rant on the Top Twenty things Every Woman Should Know:

#18 How to cook one really great dinner. Just one is all you need to impress your date, your dad or your neighbor, Thad (RIP, Dr. Seuss). I love this site for beginners because it has tons of pictures. And this one is great if you’re anywhere on the scale from intermediate to pro. And two great foodie blogs, just for inspiration’s sake: Orangette and Smitten Kitchen.

#17 The correct usage of the word “literally”. Everyone who knows me well – particularly those who have shared a home or a last name with me – will assure you that this one is very near to my heart. If you take a week and pay attention to the way people use the word, you’ll find it’s almost always wrong. Here’s my rule of thumb: unless I’m looking for an ACTUAL needle in an honest-to-goodness haystack, then the word “literally” does not apply and should not come nigh unto my sentence. Unless the way that girl sang that song really and truly caused my brain to explode, then saying it “literally blew my mind” is not okay. Figuratively…that’s the way our minds generally are blown and that’s the way needles are usually sought for in haystacks. Admittedly, saying “It was so funny I figuratively died laughing,” doesn’t pack the same punch, but – hey – I didn’t make the rules, I just like to talk about ’em!

Well, this post has been very cathartic for me. Thank you.

Wishing it was Literally 87 Degrees Today,


  1. Corina Burgess says:

    I literally hurt myself nodding my head in agreement with you. OK, not LITERALLY! What’s a little whiplash anyway? ha! I’ve got it down now, I go grab starbucks, then read your blog and it “literally” feels like Im with you. Hey go to TBN online look in the archives on April 25th and watch. Our Senior Pastor Randy Hand was interviewed. Gives you a good glimpse of what we’re doing these days and you might catch me, Jon and Lance in the audience! What can I say since my debut on Price is Right, the camera loves me!

  2. Jessica Carpenter says:

    Amen on the “literally”. Mike Summers and I have a long (long long long long) running joke about it’s misuse. And you know how good long running jokes with Mike are!

  3. bolovesjoe says:

    Jess – yep, I appreciate Mike’s ability to maintain a joke for the long haul and I definitely think you have that anointing as well.

    Corina – We watched it and loved it! And I really think I saw you but it would have helped if you would have done the wave, or that dance you used to do in Oneighty after all the kids had left the building. Seriously, we loved your pastor’s vision and heart and humility and can clearly see why God called you there. I hope we can visit someday soon!

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