Top Twenty Things List: Post #1

Posted: April 29, 2008 in Uncategorized

You know, I have found that this blog has become an interesting little window. Through it, I think people can see a little more clearly into my life and my rambling thoughts…but it turns out the window goes both ways and I can see you too! And it’s fun! But you should definitely pull your blinds sometimes. I kid! You’re all awesome!

Seriously, most of the posts that I have written have been in response to a question that someone has asked me after I’ve spoken somewhere for some reason. They ask, I try to answer and then I think, “Hey! I should write about that. Right after I finish writing about burnt chicken and CLC dating habits, I’m going to get to that!” So, this post does not reflect a specific question…but it is totally the result of my meeting and knowing and speaking to hundreds of women and being amazed at the things that some know and some don’t. You may not agree with my choices…feel free to rebut, the window is wide open. I promise to post a couple every day until we get to the magic number 1. Most of them are totally free, they just require a little time…and for some, I’ll include a slacker alternative. So…without further preamble, prelude or prejudice…I give you the Top Twenty Things Every Woman Should Know List:

#20 The names of the current US President, Vice President, Speaker of the House & Secretary of State. Bonus points for knowing the names of three other world leaders. Dead ones don’t count unless you know how and when they died. If the death is a particularly good story then I’ll give you a pass on the Secretary of State.

#19 How to win at least one card game. Slacker alternative: How to PLAY at least one card game. Everything you ever needed to know about both the playing and the winning is right here.

It’s gonna be a fun week,


  1. Tara says:

    So I am confused…are we supposed to answer the question? or are you showing us what we should know? 🙂
    Skip over the answers if you haven’t come up with yours yet, I guess

    here are my answers….
    If people read the newspaper they should know about these guys…
    Nancy Pelosi is the speaker of the house. Everyone knows that. (At least I hope they do!)Condoleezza Rice is the US Secretary of state. George W. Bush is the president for a little while longer w/ Dick Cheney as the VP.Hugo Chavez is in charge of Argentina right now. I am not a fan of him.
    Robert Mugabe is leading Zimbabwe
    Thabo Mbeki is in charge of South Africa (and Nelson Mandela before him).

  2. bolovesjoe says:

    Tara, answers aren’t required, but I always like them! And…bonus points for the names of world leaders which can be randomly dropped into conversations that are dragging. (“How ’bout that Hugo Chavez? He’s a doozy!”)

    Coffee next week – I’ll have Katie shoot you a time! M

  3. Let’s see, without cheating…

    President – George W. Bush Jr.
    Vice President – Dick Cheney
    Speaker of the House – Nancy Pilossi
    Secretary of State – Condolizza Rice

    I think I’m right.

    BTW I like your comment about CLC dating habits. Today Dane got a text in OT and said, “I have an important announcement everyone,” and Fab and I (and maybe some others who were too embarrassed to admit it) thought Dane was going to annouse a proposal to Katie.


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