Death Benefit #3: Paid

Posted: March 19, 2008 in Uncategorized
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I could write a million words in a million ways….and still never say it as well as this.

Easter countdown: 4 days!

  1. bolovesjoe says:

    Hey Brandy -I cried the first time I saw this because it reminded me of Encounter last fall when we sang it over and over, remember? Good song, good memories…really good God. Love you!

  2. Lindsay Joy says:

    Crying…good grief. I’ve seen that a couple of times before. Maybe it’s Easter being so soon, or maybe it’s the place I’m at, but that is so powerful!

    p.s. I really do want babies : )

  3. cass-a-rooh says:

    one of my favorite songs… captured in a beautiful way!!!

    thanks for posting it!!!

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